1) The episode titled “The 1000th Show” was what series’ only episode that was actually filmed in Seattle?
2) The characters in Grey’s Anatomy work in what Seattle hospital?
3) What 1999 comedy adapts the action of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew into a local high school?
4) In what 1992 film does a fictional mayor veto the idea of a Supertrain to address Seattle traffic problems?
5) Max, resident of Seattle in the year 2019 and the main character in the show Dark Angel, was played by what up-and-coming movie star?
6) In the 2002 film The Ring, Seattle journalist Rachel Embry attempts to save her son from the ghost of a girl named what?
7) In the 1983 film WarGames, David Lightman challenges a computer named Joshua to what game?
8) Dr. Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist from Seattle, stars in what video game series?
9) In the 1973 film The Night Strangler, Carl Kolchak tracks an undead alchemist through the Seattle Underground. What city was he living in in The Night Stalker when he tracked down a vampire serial killer?
10) In DC Comics, what member of the Justice League moved to Seattle in 1987, though he’s now the mayor of Star City?

1) Frasier
2) Seattle Grace
3) 10 Things I Hate About You
4) Singles
5) Jessica Alba
6) Samara
7) Global Thermonuclear War
8) Half-Life
9) Las Vegas
10) Green Arrow

Round 4 of the Greg Nickels quiz night fundraiser on April 26, 2007.