1) On April 19, 1999, what iconic Seattle building was officially designated a city historic landmark?
2) Within Seattle city limits, Washington State Route 522 is known as what street?
3) What business was founded on the site where Waterfall Park is today?
4) In 2001, the downtown neighborhood between Belltown and Pioneer Square was given what new name?
5) Six companies headquartered in Seattle made the 2007 Fortune 500. Name four of them. Bonus point: name the one that’s new to the top 500 this year.
6) What Seattle native inspired H.L. Mencken to coin the word “ecdysiast”?
7) What album, first certified platinum in 1995, is the best-selling album released by Sub Pop?
8) Between 2002 and 2006, which Seattle street had the most traffic accidents involving jaywalkers?
9) In October 1970, the Seattle City Council made it a crime, punishable by a $100 fine, to climb what local natural landmark?
10) There are four Seattle strip clubs in which it’s legal to get a lap dance. What’s the only one offering male dancers?
1) The Space Needle
2) Lake City Way
3) UPS
4) The West Edge
5) Washington Mutual, Amazon.com, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Safeco, Expeditors International (Bonus: EI)
6) Gypsy Rose Lee
7) Bleach (Nirvana)
8) Rainier Avenue
9) Wedgwood Rock (or Big Rock)
10) Centerfolds

Round 1 for the Greg Nickels fundraiser on April 26, 2007.