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New: Pub Quiz group on Flickr

I just created a Pub Quiz group on Flickr. I think it’s the first and only group about pub quizzes generally, though their search function is fuzzy enough that I don’t declare that with confidence.

I’ve got two lonely photos in there so far — if you’re a shutterbug and you play pub quiz, share your favorite shots.


  1. We have a flickr page with the photos of the weekly winners at our pub quiz in Santa Monica – http://www.flickr.com/photos/pubquiz

  2. Hey, cool. Add ’em to the Flickr group — or pick and choose your faves.

  3. I joined and added some shots. Thanks!

  4. Don}t know if it’ll help, but my blog might get people’s attention. The address is http://www.niknaksoldolepeculiar.blogspot.com/

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