1) Metro Transit is to King County as Community Transit is to what?

2) What state has been the nation’s leading producer of milk since 1993?

3) In 1282, which neighboring country was the first future member of the UK to be conquered by England: Ireland, Scotland, or Wales?

4) What two countries occupy the vast majority of the Iberian Peninsula?

5) If you flew to the busiest airport in the country named after someone who’s still alive, what state would you be in in?

6) If you want to visit the site of the Battle of Waterloo, what country do you need to visit?

7) What country, the most populous member of the European Union, also contains its geographic center?

8) Four Asian countries belong to La Francophonie, a group of countries whose culture, language, and history have been influenced by France. Name two of them.

9) Iraq called it their 19th province. What do we call it?

10) Which Seattle neighborhood is named after a chief of the Nisqually tribe who was hanged for murder in 1858 but exonerated by a Historical Court of Inquiry in 2004?

Round 1 at the Old Pequliar on Sept. 4, 2007.


1) Snohomish County
2) California
3) Wales
4) Spain and Portugal
5) Texas
6) Belgium
7) Germany
8) Cambodia, Laos, Lebanon, Vietnam
9) Kuwait
10) Leschi