1) What world leader was selected as Time magazine’s person of the year in 2007?
2) What word popularized by the housing bubble did the American Dialect Society select as their 2007 word of the year?
3) What basketball team did Don Imus’ infamous “nappy headed hos” play for?
4) Who was the main financial backer for Bad Newz Kennels?
5) On June 27, what Brit got a new job as the Middle East envoy working on behalf of the US, the UN, Russia, and the European Union?
6) Hong Kong, England, Slovenia, and New South Wales and Victoria in Australia all passed laws restricting what activity?
7) In November, Georgia governor Sonny Perdue led a prayer on the steps of the state capitol, asking God to send what?
8) What four-word plea, popularized by appearances on YouTube and t-shirts, did the author of the Yale Book of Quotations select as the year’s top quotation?
9) According to Joe Biden, Rudy Giuliani includes three things in a sentence: a noun, a verb, and what?
10) Which Democratic presidential candidate has the Secret Service codename “renegade”?


1) Vladimir Putin
2) subprime
3) Rutgers
4) Michael Vick
5) Tony Blair
6) smoking
7) rain
8) Don’t tase me, bro.
9) 9/11
10) Barack Obama