1) In July, Boeing held a rollout ceremony for their new 787 jet. What’s the 787’s non-numeric name?
2) Dave Bazan, J. Tillman, and Robin Pecknold played the last-ever show at what legendary venue?
3) On April 16, what two local institutions buried the hatchet, avoided a court trial, and announced an end to a long-standing dispute?
4) Audio Day Dream was the debut album by what nationally known musical artist from Bothell?
5) For a few days after the Olympic Sculpture Park opened, a sign told people they couldn’t do what to the sculpture Typewriter Eraser, Scale X?
6) In September, Kapow! Coffee started a booming business selling what non-food-or-beverage?
7) Because it prompted so many building evacuations, the city threatened to ban what in all civic buildings?
8) In July, King County voted to ban what from all county restaurants, starting August 1 this year?
9) After 2 years on top, Seattle was knocked down to the second-most-literate city in America in 2007, losing the crown to what midwest city?
10) Who owns the top four floors of the new Seattle Art Museum building?


1) Dreamliner
2) the Crocodile
3) The Times and the PI
4) Blake Lewis
5) photograph it
6) Ride the SLUT t-shirts
7) microwave popcorn
8) trans fats
9) Minneapolis
10) Washington Mutual