Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on June 3, 2008
Average score: 7.06/10 (16 teams)

1) The novel Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks, published last week, continues the adventures of what famous hero?
2) Gerald Posner’s book Killing the Dream argues that James Earl Ray acted on his own when he assassinated who?
3) Six US presidents have been named James. Which two served consecutively?
4) In the Brady Bunch episode “Bobby’s Hero,” Bobby unsettles his parents when he starts to idolize who?
5) A 1991 techno song by the group L.A. Style declared that what musical icon “Is Dead”, though he didn’t actually die until 2006?
6) What song, the only Billboard hit for the band James, begins “The bed is on fire with passionate love, the neighbors complain about the nosies above, but she only comes when she’s on top“?
7) In 2006, who became the first British artist since Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind 1997” to achieve a Billboard #1 single with his song “You’re Beautiful”?
8) When he wrote the book Pragmatism in 1907, which American philosopher established himself as a leading proponent of the theory of pragmatism?
9) The poem “Disobedience,” about James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree, comes from the collection When We Were Very Young by what British author?
10) Who played a fictionalized version of reclusive author J.D. Salinger in the movie Field of Dreams?


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