Round 3 at the Old Pequliar on August 12, 2008
Average score: 4.82/10 (11 teams)

Triangulation is my tip of the hat to Wikipedia’s disambiguation pages and the seldom-used tertiary and sub-tertiary definitions in the dictionary. Given three definitions, tell me the word or phrase that fits them all.

Example: A Canadian music award, a Roman goddess, and Roger Ebert’s favorite film of 2007: Juno

1) a sequel by Alexandra Ripley, a G.I. Joe, and Barack’s email pen pal
2) something you’d yell at a dog, sentimental stuff, and porridge
3) a British car model, a fictional FBI agent, and a Project Mercury astronaut
4) a knotmaking term, a fingerprint pattern, and part of a roller coaster
5) a kind of railway freight car, an American painter, and a Pixar villain
6) an album by Jewel, the crimefighting identity of Denny Colt, and something you’d find at a pep rally
7) a movie about skiing, Jughead’s pet, and the goodbye song on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
8) a corporate mascot elf; a football term; and an exclamation of dismay, disbelief, surprise, or joy
9) something a Jungian psychologist discusses, a pulp hero played by Orson Welles, and Sonic’s rival
10) a professional degree, a character on MASH, and a TV trucker


1) scarlett
2) mush
3) Cooper
4) loop
5) hopper
6) spirit
7) hot dog
8) snap
9) shadow
10) BJ