Round 3 at the Old Pequliar on October 7, 2008

Triangulation is the product of an unholy union between Wikipedia’s disambiguation pages, seldom-used dictionary definitions, Urban Dictionary, and whatever words catch my fancy. I’ll give you three definitions, you tell me the word or phrase that fits them all.

Example: A Canadian music award, a Roman goddess, and Roger Ebert’s favorite film of 2007: Juno

1) An SUV, a bar on Capitol Hill, and an East Coast WNBA team
2) The opposite of double, an indefinite pronoun, and the force that threatens Fantasia
3) A honeycomb holder, a story that contains stories within itself, and 1/24th of a second of a movie
4) The average value of a force multiplied by the time during which it acts, a jazz record label, and when a man you never met before suddenly gives you flowers
5) A Unix command, an octothorp, and a kind of brown
6) Police Woman, a warm-up exercise, and a Gwyneth Paltrow character
7) A British lad mag, a really good poker hand, and a WWII quote
8) Two out of three games of bridge, a gumshoe, and a french letter
9) Clarissa’s last name on Clarissa Explains It All, Lady’s owner in Lady and the Tramp, and a Julie Christie film
10) Chutzpah, the website that described itself as “literate smut,” and what the Cowardly Lion sings for


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