Round 3 at the Old Pequliar on Dec. 2, 2008
Average score: 6.07/10 (15 teams)

Triangulation is the product of an unholy union between Wikipedia’s disambiguation pages, seldom-used dictionary definitions, Urban Dictionary, and whatever words catch my fancy. I’ll give you three definitions, you tell me the word or phrase that fits them all.

Example: A Canadian music award, a Roman goddess, and Roger Ebert’s favorite film of 2007: Juno

1) a kind of wine, a kind of rock, and where Hewlett-Packard got its start

2) a British drink made of fruit juice and soda water, a non-Olympic racquet sport, and a zucchini

3) something you build while hunting, a forced bet, and a slat-driven device

4) five and a half yards, something you’d find near a cone, and a character from Avenue Q

5) Snoopy’s sister, a Disney princess, and Sebastian’s dog

6) a wrestling lineup, a wag or wit or joker, or something you punch

7) a kind of bug, a field, and Jennifer’s middle name

8) part of a whip, a British crime TV series, and a racial slur

9) a tour guide, to summon someone, and a 1950s Playmate of the Month

10) a porn studio, Elphaba’s story, and Bostonese for “extremely”


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