Round 3  at the Old Pequliar on Feb. 3, 2009

I give you three definitions, you provide the one term that fits them all. Example: a porn studio, Elphaba’s story, and Bostonese for “extremely” are all wicked.

1) a kind of neuron, a character in Snow White, and a copy of a website

2) a sea monkey, Boogaloo’s last name, and another word for butterface

3) a kind of wall, a kind of bread, and an emotion related to surprise and awe

4) a force central to fluid dynamics, something you do with a mouse, and a kind of king or queen

5) something that bites, a well-known Jack, and a television interviewer

6) Nemo’s mom, a venemous snake, and a pinkish gemstone

7) a Kennedy, a Dr. Who character, and a word that Gertrude Stein was fond of repeating

8) a breakdancing move, a music magazine, and something a Sufi might do

9) what we call the movie Hana-bi in America, a Schoolhouse Rock! song, and an Adobe product

10) a battle cry, an indie rock band from Austin, and to snuggle


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