Round 3 at the Old Pequliar on March 3, 2009
Average score: 6.71 (14 teams)

Premise: Given three definitions (in the loose sense of the word), give me the term that fits them all.

Example: an after-dinner cocktail, a kosher insect, and a pop cultural synonym for padawan are all “grasshopper”

Here we go:

1) a type of photography, a Rick Astley album, and the opposite of landscape

2) a Samsung cell phone, a kind of Mac OS file, and an espionage TV series

3) a kind of dog collar, something you might see in a parking lot, and part of a volcano

4) a kind of steak, an Adam Ant song, and a daily dose of Peanuts

5) a kind of wire, a thorn in Robin Hood’s side, and something you might burn in Britain

6) a piece of chocolate, Dale’s partner, and a buffalo byproduct

7) a kind of play, an episode of Buffy, and Peter Gabriel’s soundtrack to Last Temptation of Christ

8) a typesetting term, having a lot of money, and a poker hand

9) Wonka’s successor, a kind of list, and something a walrus might have

10) a Thomas Pynchon novel, the middle of many court cases, and the invasion of the lizard people


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