Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on March 3, 2009
Average score: 7.07/10 (14 teams)

1) What 1999 riff on Like Water for Chocolate, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, was the final film reviewed by Gene Siskel?

2) George Clooney gained 35 pounds for his role in what 2005 drama based on the CIA memoir See No Evil?

3) His insurers made Woody Allen replace Winona Ryder with Radha Mitchell and Robert Downey, Jr., with Will Ferrell when he directed what 2004 film?

4) What 1996 comedy, named after a hit song by the Chiffons, features an uptight architect and a laid back political columnist falling in love while juggling daycare and careers?

5) Edward Burns’ brother cheats on Jennifer Aniston with Cameron Diaz in what 1996 romantic comedy, Burns’ second film after The Brothers McMullen?

6) Kieran Culkin plays Ryan Phillipe’s brother and Susan Sarandon’s son in what 2002 drama that’s sometimes compared to Catcher in the Rye?

7) What 2003 comedy features Diane Keaton’s most recent Oscar-nominated performance?

8) What 2003 horror film, inspired by And Then There Were None, features a group of people who share the same birthday being terrorized in a remote motel?

9) Bruce Willis donated his pay for appearing on Friends to charity because he lost a bet while filming what 2000 Canadian comedy?

10) What actor or actress appeared in all nine of these films?


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