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Ten questions on various and sundry items related to “America.”

1) Shooka and Nala are dogs that belong to the Gosselin family, featured on what TV show?

2) Many of Houdini’s props, including the Chinese Water Torture Cell, were bought at auction in 2004 by what successor?

3) Where can you find Fallen Astronaut, an aluminum statue commemorating astronauts who died furthering space exploration?

4) What subsidiary of GM entered administration — the equivalent of filing for bankruptcy — on February 20 this year in a Swedish court?

5) What magazine announced that it will stop publishing its Spanish-language version, Selecciones, in the US?

6) What’s the second-most-populous city in New York state?

7) The run-up to what annual event was documented this year on the reality series Countdown to the Crown?

8) Who’s the only one of the five main Simpsons not named after one of Matt Groening’s family members?

9) The Big Gulp is to 7-Eleven as the Thirst Buster is to what store?

10) What Nashville theme park, known as the “Home of American Music,” was closed in 1997 and demolished in 1999?

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