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[QotD] June 8, 2009: We are family


What author created the fictional family that gave the Urban Legends Reference Pages their popular nickname?

How hard was this? [ratings]


That question, again: What 2007 movie had its world premiere in a small town in Vermont, rather than Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois, or any of 9 other states?

That would be The Simpsons Movie, which did indeed come out two years ago already. Bill was both correct and horrified at the fleeting nature of time.

Springfield, Vermont, was chosen as the Springfieldiest of all Springfields and won the right to host the world premiere of the movie at their local movie hall, complete with yellow carpet.


  1. Yoknapatawpha? I hardly know ya!

  2. James Callan

    8-June-09 at 1:58 pm

    Bing! I mean, ding! (Damn you, Microsoft!)

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