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Every question has something to do with elephants.

1) What elephant, named by London zookeepers, probably got its name from the Swahili words for “hello” or “chief”?

2) For a half point each, name the two Dr. Seuss books starting Horton the elephant.

3) What song from the album Elephant was the White Stripes’ first #1 single in the US, and includes the line “I’m going to Wichita”?

4) In 1985, what talk show host visited Sesame Street to report on the first time grownups ever saw Mr. Snuffleupagus?

5) In the movie Animal Crackers, Groucho Marks claims to have shot an elephant where?

6) What animal do Pooh and Piglet decide to capture using a Clever Trap — specifically, honey at the bottom of a pit?

7) In 1903, Thomas Edison filmed the execution of the elephant Topsy. How was the elephant killed?

8) What general won the Battle of Ticinus in 218BC?

9) In the Rudyard Kipling story “The Elephant’s Child,” what does the title character get from the “Crocodile on the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River”?

10) Michael Jackson dances with the bones of the Elephant Man in his video for what song?

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