Featured as round 1 at the Old Pequliar on June 2, 2009

Trivia meets wordplay. I’ll give you three definitions. You tell me what word or term all three of them could define.

Example: Wonka’s successor, a kind of list, and something a walrus might have?
(Charlie Bucket, the bucket list, and the LOLcat walrus and his beloved bucket)

Got it? Good! Here we go:

1) a kind of poll, swine construction material, and where you might find a turkey

2) a single, a Nobel Prize-winning author, and Mr. Rogers

3) a kind of postage stamp, part of a Star Trek warp drive, and something mortal

4) an album by the Cure, a bone, and something that comes in threes

5) a variety of blues, to capture your opponent’s piece, and something crowds might yell

6) something you can do with a TV signal, to take off quickly, and Motocross

7) one way to sell, a vowel sound, and 8 oz. of espresso

8) a mille-feuille, a famous pig, and Pedro’s friend

9) a kind of touch, a metaphorical hand, and an asset not found in financial statements

10) a smidgen, to steal, and an emergency

ANSWERS (no peeking)

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Average score in the pub: 6.44/10 (18 teams)
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