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[QotD] August 17, 2009: That’s not my name


Getting this in under the wire, if like me you’re on the West Coast:

A 1984 hit by Queen inspired the name of what contemporary chart-topping artist?


That question, again: Because of sugar, flour, and butter shortages during World War II, Girl Scouts couldn’t sell cookies to raise money. What more practical product did they sell instead?

Answer: During WWII, there were no Thin Mints to be found, but you could buy Girl Scout calendars. Healthier, and a whole new spin on calendar girls.

How hard was this? [ratings]


  1. My favorite Queen song: T-Pain. Wait, no, it’s Lady Gaga (as in Radio Gaga).

  2. And the calendars answer for Girl Scouts is very interesting. I really would never have guessed that.

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