Can you name the novel from the key phrases identified by Amazon?

1) tighter bomb pattern, more combat missions, stupid mouth, Henry Fonda, and Lieutenant Scheisskopf
2) feminist funeral, ball turret gunner, wrestling practice, Under Toad, and sexual suspect
3) three sénéchaux, seeded womb, corporal mortification, sacred feminine, and Opus Dei
4) grain barges, cell leader, laser drills, new catapult, and Free Luna
5) invisible doctors, banana company, insomnia plague, story about the capon, and siesta time
6) bun compartment, nucular bum, flannel nightshirt, hunting cap, and Patrolman Mancuso
7) keystream letters, Bletchley Park, making license plates, Bobby Shaftoe, and substitution alphabet
8) tennis academy, professional conversationalist, Hal Incandenza, new bong, and howling fantods
9) accused man, fishing gaff, strawberry land, Kabuo Miyamoto, and Island County
10) Las Vegas, rundown bootheels, happy crappy, Captain Trips, and dig your man

(NOTE: I first wrote this in 2008, and Amazon’s redone their keywords since then. Contemporary accuracy is not guaranteed.)