Can you name the word that fits all three given definitions? Expect wordplay.

Example 1:
a professional degree, Hawkeye’s friend, and a vagabond chimp owner
BJ (bachelor of journalism, BJ Hunnicut, and BJ and the Bear)

Example 2:
a breed of cattle, a shore, and a new state

  1. a political boat, a tinkering Tom, and a hummingbird relative
  2. bond’s counterpart, a kind of photo, and the opposite of race
  3. a specialized cleaner, a bunch of wins, and a dramatic move in The Karate Kid
  4. a chip, a Pynchon novel, and a London vigilante
  5. a mind, a card, and a Buffy Big Bad
  6. copper, a pin, and a Kennedy
  7. a movie Holiday, Nikki’s alter ego, and not italic
  8. a kind of duck, a kind of jeans, and a Godot character
  9. a Velvet Underground song, a Brian DePalma film, and Brigid O’Shaughnessy
  10. a Kelsey Grammar role, a daily news site, and a mode


  1. swift
  2. stock
  3. sweep
  4. v
  5. master
  6. bobby
  7. Roman
  8. lucky
  9. femme fatale
  10. beast