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Quiz: Triangulation

Can you name the word that fits all three given definitions? Expect wordplay.

Example 1:
a professional degree, Hawkeye’s friend, and a vagabond chimp owner
BJ (bachelor of journalism, BJ Hunnicut, and BJ and the Bear)

Example 2:
a breed of cattle, a shore, and a new state

  1. a political boat, a tinkering Tom, and a hummingbird relative
  2. bond’s counterpart, a kind of photo, and the opposite of race
  3. a specialized cleaner, a bunch of wins, and a dramatic move in The Karate Kid
  4. a chip, a Pynchon novel, and a London vigilante
  5. a mind, a card, and a Buffy Big Bad
  6. copper, a pin, and a Kennedy
  7. a movie Holiday, Nikki’s alter ego, and not italic
  8. a kind of duck, a kind of jeans, and a Godot character
  9. a Velvet Underground song, a Brian DePalma film, and Brigid O’Shaughnessy
  10. a Kelsey Grammar role, a daily news site, and a mode


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Quiz: Movies with a Common Actor

  1. What 2006 horror remake replaced Edward Woodward with Nicolas Cage, and spawned the meme known as “not the bees”?
  2. What 2007 drama was the first film directed by Paul Haggis after Crash, and tells the story of a veteran played by Tommy Lee Jones trying to find out who killed his son, an Iraq War vet?
  3. What 2000 high school romantic comedy is based on Cyrano de Bergerac, with Shane West wooing Jodi Lyn O’Keefe with the help of Marla Sokoloff?
  4. What 2014 mystery was greenlit because it earned $5,702,153 on Kickstarter last year?
  5. What 2013 drama is based on the life of Linda Boreman, who made the film Deep Throat before going on to condemn the pornography industry?
  6. What 2010 drama is based on a memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, and was Julia Roberts’ second most successful film that year after the ensemble piece Valentine’s Day?
  7. What 2008 bio-pic won Oscars for its star and screenwriter, and tells the story of the political career and assassination of a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors?
  8. What 2003 movie, Robert Altman’s second-to-last film, centers on the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, and is based on an idea by the movie’s lead, Neve Campbell?
  9. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens have a dream, and that dream is to spend a week in March wearing bikinis while partying in St. Petersburg. Name that 2013 crime drama!
  10. Who appears in all nine of these movies?


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What unusual circumstance do these people have in common?

  • Will Arnett
  • Steve Carell
  • Billy Connolly
  • Nikki Cox
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Donna Dixon
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • Elisabeth Moss
  • Gene Wilder

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What do these actresses have in common?

Grace Kelly
Jodie Foster
Jennifer Aniston
Elisha Cuthbert
Deborah Foreman
Sienna Miller
Melanie Griffith

Note: Other actresses qualify for the list; I cherry-picked seven from a larger-but-still-not-all-that-large pool.

Answer (or guess) in the comments. Your prize? Public glory.
Come back tomorrow for the answer.


That question, again: A 1984 hit by Queen inspired the name of what contemporary chart-topping artist?

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What do these women have in common?

Jamie Lee Curtis
Ana Gasteyer
Glenne Headley
Felicity Huffman
Julia Ormond
Natasha Richardson
Meryl Streep

Answer (or guess) in the comments. Your prize? Public glory.
Come back tomorrow for the answer.


That question, again: Where will you find Gus, Jack, Lee, Roy, and Stan?

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Where will you find Gus, Jack, Lee, Roy, and Stan?

Answer (or guess) in the comments. Your prize? Public glory.

Come back tomorrow for the answer.


That question, again: If you bring home a “quiescently frozen confection,” what did you just buy?

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Special simulpost with Seattlest.com! If you’re in Seattle and play the quiz at the Old Pequliar tonight, you can win free beer for answering this question. (Otherwise, the usual bragging rights apply.)

What do these people have in common?
Stephen Colbert, Robert Cormier, Beyoncé Knowles, Richard Matheson, Leonard Nimoy, and Tom Wolfe

To qualify for the free beer, email your answer to james at seattlest dot com. Otherwise, make your guess in the comments and check back tomorrow for the answer.


That question, again: What classic children’s film is divided into chapters, including “When Childhood Ends…,” “Crime and Punishment,” and “The Way Things Are”?

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[Pub quiz] Movies

Featured as round 7 at the Old Pequliar on June 2, 2009

1) Jennifer Jason Leigh rerecorded over an hour of dialogue as the title character of what 1994 biopic after festival audiences declared her too slurry to understand?

2) The posters for what 1985 Catholic school comedy said “The Brothers preached against vice, lust and disrespect. But that never stopped these guys”?

3) What 1980 drama opens with Burt Lancaster (and the audience) watching Susan Sarandon squeeze fresh lemon juice over her breasts?

4) What 1979 Woody Allen film includes the line “I’m older than her father, can you believe that? I’m dating a girl, wherein, I can beat up her father”?

5) What 1994 drama, the final film directed by Louis Malle, brings a famous Chekhov play to New York?

6) What 1995 teen comedy debuted as a TV series in 1996, featuring Rachel Blanchard as the lead?

7) What 1995 animated blockbuster featured a script polish by Joss Whedon and a lead character once known as Lunar Larry?

8) Bravo’s 50th funniest movie and the AFI’s 88th greatest love story is what 1987 comedy based on a William Goldman novel?

9) “I wouldn’t put on an electric blanket for any reason. … That kind of comfort just separates you from reality in a very direct way,” argues one of the title characters as his companion sips wine in what 1981 drama?

10) Who appeared in all nine of these movies?

ANSWERS (no peeking)

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[Puzzler] I want your six


What unique characteristic connects these six words?


Update: SOLVED by Rich B. in the comments (nice work!), so there are spoilers below. I’ll keep the solution down there for now so you can noodle on the puzzle.


Yes, this is hard. (At least, it should be. Someone’s going to solve this in 30 minutes and prove me wrong now.)

Make your guesses in the comments. I’ll let you know if you’re right or wrong.

As time goes by, if this remains unsolved, I’ll add clues by editing the post. I may or may not decide what clues to give based on comments or questions, so feel free to noodle.

I won’t reveal the answer before someone solves it.

Any questions? Any guesses?

Trivia quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on April 7, 2009

1) Two Seattle detectives swap trivia questions while keeping an eye on a lovely waitress in what 1987 movie?

2) Because of Madonna’s involvement, what 1985 drama filmed in Spokane was renamed Crazy for You in several countries?

3) What 1988 film “Based on true events in the life of Frank Dux” features Jean-Claude Van Damme competing in the Kumite, “the secret contest where the world’s greatest warriors fight in a battle to the death”?

4) “The first casualty of war is innocence” was the tagline for what Oscar-winning 1986 film?

5) Kiefer Sutherland, star of the real-time 24, plays a sinister voice in what 2003 suspense film also told in real time?

6) Following one in 1956 and one in 1978, what 1993 science fiction film starring Gabrielle Anwar was the third adaptation of a novel by Jack Finney?

7) What 1986 sequel won an Oscar for its star 25 years after the original movie, in which he also starred, was released?

8) Because Nicole Kidman injured herself while filming Moulin Rouge, Jodie Foster took over the lead in what 2002 thriller?

9) What 1999 mafia film features a score by The RZA, a copy of Rashomon, and extensive use of homing pigeons? (Half point for the short title, full point for the whole thing)

10) What actor or actress appeared in all nine of these films?


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