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Quiz: Movies with a Common Actor

  1. What 2006 horror remake replaced Edward Woodward with Nicolas Cage, and spawned the meme known as “not the bees”?
  2. What 2007 drama was the first film directed by Paul Haggis after Crash, and tells the story of a veteran played by Tommy Lee Jones trying to find out who killed his son, an Iraq War vet?
  3. What 2000 high school romantic comedy is based on Cyrano de Bergerac, with Shane West wooing Jodi Lyn O’Keefe with the help of Marla Sokoloff?
  4. What 2014 mystery was greenlit because it earned $5,702,153 on Kickstarter last year?
  5. What 2013 drama is based on the life of Linda Boreman, who made the film Deep Throat before going on to condemn the pornography industry?
  6. What 2010 drama is based on a memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, and was Julia Roberts’ second most successful film that year after the ensemble piece Valentine’s Day?
  7. What 2008 bio-pic won Oscars for its star and screenwriter, and tells the story of the political career and assassination of a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors?
  8. What 2003 movie, Robert Altman’s second-to-last film, centers on the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, and is based on an idea by the movie’s lead, Neve Campbell?
  9. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens have a dream, and that dream is to spend a week in March wearing bikinis while partying in St. Petersburg. Name that 2013 crime drama!
  10. Who appears in all nine of these movies?


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[Pub quiz] Movies

Featured as round 7 at the Old Pequliar on June 2, 2009

1) Jennifer Jason Leigh rerecorded over an hour of dialogue as the title character of what 1994 biopic after festival audiences declared her too slurry to understand?

2) The posters for what 1985 Catholic school comedy said “The Brothers preached against vice, lust and disrespect. But that never stopped these guys”?

3) What 1980 drama opens with Burt Lancaster (and the audience) watching Susan Sarandon squeeze fresh lemon juice over her breasts?

4) What 1979 Woody Allen film includes the line “I’m older than her father, can you believe that? I’m dating a girl, wherein, I can beat up her father”?

5) What 1994 drama, the final film directed by Louis Malle, brings a famous Chekhov play to New York?

6) What 1995 teen comedy debuted as a TV series in 1996, featuring Rachel Blanchard as the lead?

7) What 1995 animated blockbuster featured a script polish by Joss Whedon and a lead character once known as Lunar Larry?

8) Bravo’s 50th funniest movie and the AFI’s 88th greatest love story is what 1987 comedy based on a William Goldman novel?

9) “I wouldn’t put on an electric blanket for any reason. … That kind of comfort just separates you from reality in a very direct way,” argues one of the title characters as his companion sips wine in what 1981 drama?

10) Who appeared in all nine of these movies?

ANSWERS (no peeking)

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Trivia quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on May 5, 2009

1) What 2003 Best Picture nominee featured scenes shot at Kentucky’s Keeneland Race Track and New York’s Saratoga Race Track?

2) In 2003, Madonna won Razzies for Worst Supporting Actress for Die Another Day and for full-on Worst Actress in what remake directed by her husband?

3) Members of The State created what 2001 parody of summer camp films, which featured SkyLab and a talking can of mixed vegetables?

4) What 2002 comedy/drama was based on an autobiography with the subtitle The Amazing True Story of the Youngest and Most Daring Con Man in the History of Fun and Profit?

5) Kevin Spacey threatens to shut down Christmas because he didn’t get a Superman cape when he was a kid in what 2007 comedy?

6) What 2006 invasion-from-space film features Jenna Fischer in a small role because her husband, the director, knew she’d always wanted to play a zombie?

7) What 2008 comedy was the second-biggest bomb of Eddie Murphy’s career after The Adventures of Pluto Nash?

8) As a screenplay, what 2008 comedy was called Big Brothers, then Little Big Men, before its final title was selected?

9) A group of employees at SmartTech uncover a surprising secret about one of their coworkers in what 2005 comedy?

10) Who appeared in all nine of these movies?

ANSWERS (no peeking)

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Trivia quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on April 7, 2009

1) Two Seattle detectives swap trivia questions while keeping an eye on a lovely waitress in what 1987 movie?

2) Because of Madonna’s involvement, what 1985 drama filmed in Spokane was renamed Crazy for You in several countries?

3) What 1988 film “Based on true events in the life of Frank Dux” features Jean-Claude Van Damme competing in the Kumite, “the secret contest where the world’s greatest warriors fight in a battle to the death”?

4) “The first casualty of war is innocence” was the tagline for what Oscar-winning 1986 film?

5) Kiefer Sutherland, star of the real-time 24, plays a sinister voice in what 2003 suspense film also told in real time?

6) Following one in 1956 and one in 1978, what 1993 science fiction film starring Gabrielle Anwar was the third adaptation of a novel by Jack Finney?

7) What 1986 sequel won an Oscar for its star 25 years after the original movie, in which he also starred, was released?

8) Because Nicole Kidman injured herself while filming Moulin Rouge, Jodie Foster took over the lead in what 2002 thriller?

9) What 1999 mafia film features a score by The RZA, a copy of Rashomon, and extensive use of homing pigeons? (Half point for the short title, full point for the whole thing)

10) What actor or actress appeared in all nine of these films?


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Trivia Quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on March 3, 2009
Average score: 7.07/10 (14 teams)

1) What 1999 riff on Like Water for Chocolate, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, was the final film reviewed by Gene Siskel?

2) George Clooney gained 35 pounds for his role in what 2005 drama based on the CIA memoir See No Evil?

3) His insurers made Woody Allen replace Winona Ryder with Radha Mitchell and Robert Downey, Jr., with Will Ferrell when he directed what 2004 film?

4) What 1996 comedy, named after a hit song by the Chiffons, features an uptight architect and a laid back political columnist falling in love while juggling daycare and careers?

5) Edward Burns’ brother cheats on Jennifer Aniston with Cameron Diaz in what 1996 romantic comedy, Burns’ second film after The Brothers McMullen?

6) Kieran Culkin plays Ryan Phillipe’s brother and Susan Sarandon’s son in what 2002 drama that’s sometimes compared to Catcher in the Rye?

7) What 2003 comedy features Diane Keaton’s most recent Oscar-nominated performance?

8) What 2003 horror film, inspired by And Then There Were None, features a group of people who share the same birthday being terrorized in a remote motel?

9) Bruce Willis donated his pay for appearing on Friends to charity because he lost a bet while filming what 2000 Canadian comedy?

10) What actor or actress appeared in all nine of these films?

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Quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on Feb. 2, 2009

1) The success of the documentary Spellbound helped greenlight what similar 2006 drama, which was the first DVD sold at Starbucks?

2) What 2004 drama features the most recent performance by a Best Actor Oscar winner playing someone with a physical handicap?

3) Adaptations of The Valley of Horses or The Mammoth Hunters did not come soon to a theater near you after what 1986 prehistoric fantasy flopped at the box office?

4) Scarlett Johansson’s husband has Kumar as an assistant in what R-rated 2002 college comedy?

5) Musicians Alicia Keys and Common both made their feature film debuts in what 2007 action film about a magician turned mob informant?

6) What 2004 comedy features this quote from Lance Armstrong: “You know, once I was thinking about quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung and testicular cancer, all at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I got back on the bike and I won the Tour de France five times in a row. But I’m sure you have a good reason to quit.”

7) A recent commercial for Guitar Hero features Heidi Klum parodying an iconic dance scene from what 1983 coming-of-age comedy?

8) What 1985 teen comedy features comedian Rich Little providing the voice of a Korean character who learned to speak English by listening to Howard Cosell?

9) What 1984 comedy, released in a special Panty Raid Edition on DVD, has characters “adjusting the telemetry of a 32-foot titanium javelin to accomodate [someone]’s limp-wristed throwing style”?

10) What actor or actress do all nine of these movies have in common?

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Quiz: Movies ’08, In Memoriam Montage Edition

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on Jan. 6, 2009

For a half point each, identify the movie each question is asking about, and the star from that movie who died in 2008.

1) What 2008 blockbuster is now the second-highest-grossing film domestically, second only to  Titanic?

2) The first movie to earn $100 million at the box office, and the highest-grossing film before Star Wars, was what 1975 horror film?

3) What 2002 documentary inspired a 13-minute ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, and a chorus of boos and cheers at the 2003 Academy Awards ceremony?

4) The screenplay for what dark 2003 Christmas comedy received an uncredited rewrite from Joel and Ethan Coen?

5) What 1999 drama, its director’s final film, originally featured Harvey Keitel and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who had to be replaced because of the long production?

6) Rotten Tomatoes says Sylvester Stallone’s worst movie is The Specialist, but in Stallone’s opinion, his worst is what 1992 comedy where he plays a police detective?

7) Fantagraphics’ most popular graphic novel ever was re-released this year in a Special Edition that included the screenplay for what 2001 coming-of-age comedy/drama?

8) According to Debbie Reynolds, the two hardest things she had to do in her life were childbirth and making what classic 1952 musical?

9) Called Kingdom of the Sun when production started, what 2000 animated movie generated a direct-to-DVD sequel focused on the character Kronk, as well as a TV series?

10) On the American Film Institute’s list of the top American comedy films, what 1974 film beat out Young Frankenstein as the funniest by Mel Brooks?

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Quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on Dec. 2, 2008
Average score: 6.8/10 (15 teams)

1) Queen’s song “Keep Passing the Open Windows” was originally written for what 1984 movie, which featured Nastassja Kinski as a woman who dresses in a bear suit?

2) What 1998 thriller, directed by Tony Scott, stars Gene Hackman as a surveillance expert similar to the character he played in The Conversation?

3) What 1990 Christian Slater film about a mysterious high-school rebel won the Golden Space Needle award at SIFF, defeating Jesus of Montreal?

4) Billy Crystal originally wrote what 2001 comedy “about celebrity, family, and other forms of insanity,” so he could play the romantic lead, but ended up playing John Cusack’s publicist instead?

5) What 2001 comedy was the first film made featuring two African-American Oscar winners, specifically Whoopi Goldberg and Cuba Gooding, Jr.?

6) According to Salon.com’s critic Stephanie Zacharek, the real stars of what 2003 caper are the Mini Coopers involved in the chase scene?

7) What 1999 comedy/horror movie about a boy who accidentally kills his parents and best friends had its release date pushed back because of the Columbine massacre?

8) What 1998 big last-day-of-high-school party movie includes nine actors who appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and four that appeared on Six Feet Under?

9) What 1997 movie features a British spy foiling the nefarious Project Vulcan, a subterranean delivery system for nuclear warheads?

10) What actor or actress appears in all nine of these movies?

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Quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on Nov. 18, 2008
Average score: 4.2/10 (15 teams) — a little more difficult than I’d like

1) Stephen King wrote the miniseries Rose Red after he left working on what similar 1999 horror film based on a novel by Shirley Jackson?

2) What 2006 Robert Altman comedy is set at a farewell performance at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota?

3) John Grisham’s favorite adaptation from any of his novels is what 1997 Francis Ford Coppola film co-starring Danny DeVito?

4) What Rob Reiner movie dramatizes the 1994 trial of Byron de la Beckwith, the white supremacist accused of assassinating Medgar Evars in 1963?

5) According to the poster, what 1995 horror film that spawned four sequels features “an evil born in heaven … about to be unleashed on earth”?

6) Alan Smithee and Judas Booth are credited with directing and writing a longer cut of what David Lynch film, which he turned down Return of the Jedi to film?

7) Until this year’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, what 2006 thriller, set in Seattle, was the last Harrison Ford film in theaters ?

8) Mr. Skin’s favorite movie for seeing Jennifer Connelly naked (butt and breasts!) is what 1990 neo-noir directed by Dennis Hopper?

9) What 1992 horror film, inspired by the legend of Mary Worth, spawned two sequels, subtitled Farewell to the Flesh and Day of the Dead?

10) What actor or actress appears in all nine of these movies?

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Quiz: Movies

Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on October 7, 2008

1) Originally titled Three Rivers, what 1993 action film about Pittsburgh police chasing a serial killer was so bad that Bruce Willis apologized for its existence to the movie-going public?
2) To save money while filming Nixon, Oliver Stone leased the Oval Office set built for what 1995 romantic comedy?
3) After starring in four period pieces in a row, Winona Ryder “really wanted to wear blue jeans for a change,” so she decided to take a role in what contemporary 1994 comedy?
4) What 1996 thriller based on a 1993 novel by William Diehl earned Edward Norton his first Academy Award nomination?
5) What 1993 thriller directed by Wolfgang Peterson is the last film Clint Eastwood starred in that he didn’t direct himself?
6) A 66% freshness rating on rottentomatoes.com means that what 2007 romantic comedy, his followup to Good Luck, Chuck, is Dane Cook’s best-reviewed movie so far?
7) Nicolas Cage plays Danny Aiello’s younger brother in what 1987 romantic comedy?
8) According to Premiere magazine, the 73rd best movie line ever is “”I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen” from what Seattle-based 1989 comedy?
9) “Wallace Beery. Wrestling picture. What do you need, a roadmap?” That question comes from what movie?
10) What actor or actress appears in all nine of these films?

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