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I may not excel at it, but I can be self-promotional.

Added to Alltop

The grand high muckety-mucks at the very cool “online magazine rack” alltop.com recognized the quintessentially kick-ass nature of this site and added it to trivia.alltop.com.

(Skeptical? Look at the badge over there to the right. I quote: “kick ass.”)

And how was your day?

Reminder: I host trivia tomorrow night

Head to the Old Pequliar in Ballard if you want in on a raucous evening of pub trivia.

Sign up starts at 7:45, the quiz starts at 8, but tables often get scarce by 7.

It’s just $5 per team to play, with a max of 5 people per team. The pub doubles the pot, so first place gets a decent pile of cash.

Art of the pub quiz

September’s Old Pequliar quiz as a Wordle piece.

(And here’s August’s. This month, I stripped out the round titles.)

The 7 Astounding Yet True Facts series continues

A few months ago, I had the brilliant idea of doing a weekly series on Seattlest wherein I’d come up with 7 trivial facts about a local institution.

A week or so later, I realized that “weekly” was an optimistic target. It’s been more like monthly, though I’d like to get to every-other-week status.

Yesterday’s column was on seminal ’80s romance Say Anything…, the first film I remember noticing was set in Seattle. One commenter said it read like the IMDb trivia section, which is only aggravating because at least half the stuff doesn’t show up there. It’s also amusing because it’s not like there’s a huge, undiscovered trove of trivia about a movie like Say Anything…. Those articles are compilations of stuff that’s mentioned elsewhere, streamlined into vaguely bullet-pointed form. (Some “facts” themselves contain 7 subfacts. It’s a hall of mirrors.)

Beef up your conversations at Seattle parties with the other articles in the series: the Cinerama, the Lusty Lady, the Henry, and Dick’s Drive-In.

New Seattlest feature: 7 Astounding Yet True Facts…

For whatever reason, it took some casual reading about Seattle trivia king L.M. Boyd and a subscription to Mental Floss to spur the idea of a recurring trivia column on Seattlest. But it did. And the idea is spurred.

I’ve kicked off what will (hopefully) be a weekly post, “7 Astounding Yet True Facts About…” with a post on Dick’s Drive-In.

If’ you’re curious about other Seattle institutions, lemme know and I’ll slot ’em in.

Hosting tonight at the Old Pequliar

If you’re in Seattle, think that my questions are reasonably easy, and want to see ’em live and in person, stop by the Old Pequliar tonight before 8:00.
I’m hosting the quiz.

Quick rules rundown, if you haven’t been there before: 5 people max per team. Eight rounds of ten questions each, including two picture rounds. Round 1 is always Geography, Round 7 is always Movies. $5 per team to play. No cell phones, no laptops, no cheating. No shouting out answers. Pretty straightforward.

If you stop by, say hi.

Hosting tonight at the Old Pequliar

It’s one of my weeks to host Seattlest trivia. If you’re in town and want to check it out, rustle up a team and get to the Old Pequliar by 8:00. (Much earlier if you want a table.)
David wrote the team-requested beer round, since that was going to be used last week. One round ended up insipiring me to create a category on Wikipedia — I’ll link to it tomorrow, once the quiz is done.

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