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What ’80s anthology film features the only acting performance by horror novelist Joe Hill, as Billy?

I crave an answer!

What novel (and movie based on it) centers around a momentous decision in the lives of Jan and Eva Zawistowska?

The answer! Bring it to me now.

What television series introduced the world to an ape-like species known as the Pakuni?

I will have my answer. Now.

Can you name all six Village People costumes?

I put together a quiz on Sporcle so you can test yourself.

I got 6 out of 6, but given that I put it together, I don’t consider it much of an achievement.

What was the McDonald’s Lettuce and Tomato sandwich called when the corporation rolled it out nationwide?

Is this an answer I see before me?

Win cupcakes for tonight’s quiz at the Old Pequliar

I’m hosting tonight’s quiz* at the Old Pequliar in Ballard. There’s a requested round on John Irving (and I swear you don’t need any knowledge of Irving to do well).

Want to win a batch of cupcakes from Yellow Leaf Cupcakes you can eat at tonight’s quiz? Tell me what these performers have in common:

  • Peter Falk
  • Harvey Fierstein
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Douglas Rain
  • Henry Winkler

Email your answer to james at quizquizbangbang dot com by 6pm. You gotta play tonight’s quiz to win the cupcakes.

Haven’t been before? Here’s what you need to know to go:

  1. Quiz starts at 8. Seating gets tight earlier.
  2. $5 for a team of up to 5 players; $7 for a team of 6.
  3. First, second, and third place win cash.

*For posterity’s sake, “tonight” is June 1, 2010. Hello, people of the future.

Who released the live album Концерт — Russian for “concert” — in 1987?

I require an answer. Immediately.

How to write a quiz: Anatomy of an audio round

Audio rounds. So simple. Such a pain in the ass.

Now that I’ve gotten all zen on you, have some fun with the audio round I put together for May’s quiz at the Old Pequliar. Then I’ll explain what I mean.

If I Had a Stammer: Each of these songs repeats a word or phrase in its title.
Can you name the title and performer for each clip?

  1. The clip: Question 1
  2. The clip: Question 2
  3. The clip: 10May04_Q03_audio_audio
  4. The clip: 10May04_Q04_audio_audio
  5. The clip: 10May04_Q05_Audio_Audio
  6. The clip: 10May04_Q06_audio_audio
  7. The clip: 10May04_Q07_audio_audio
  8. The clip: 10May04_Q08_audio_audio
  9. The clip: 10May04_Q09_audio_audio
  10. The clip: 10May04_Q10_audio_audio
  11. The clip: 10May04_Q11_audio_audio

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What long-running advertising campaign included commercials titled “Accident,” “Surgery,” “Viruses,” “Biohazard Suit,” “Self-Pity,” “Trainer,” and “Yoga”?

I seek an answer. Pray I find it here.

MacGruber was the first movie based on a Saturday Night Live sketch since 2000, when what film hit theaters?

The answer! I demand it!

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