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Shepard Fairey’s iconic Barack Obama poster didn’t always say “HOPE.” What word appeared on Fairey’s original printing?


That question, again: Who was the subject of David Bowman’s 2002 biography Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa?

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Trivia quiz: Americana

Featured as round 1 at the Old Pequliar on June 2, 2009

Ten questions on various and sundry items related to “America.”

1) Shooka and Nala are dogs that belong to the Gosselin family, featured on what TV show?

2) Many of Houdini’s props, including the Chinese Water Torture Cell, were bought at auction in 2004 by what successor?

3) Where can you find Fallen Astronaut, an aluminum statue commemorating astronauts who died furthering space exploration?

4) What subsidiary of GM entered administration — the equivalent of filing for bankruptcy — on February 20 this year in a Swedish court?

5) What magazine announced that it will stop publishing its Spanish-language version, Selecciones, in the US?

6) What’s the second-most-populous city in New York state?

7) The run-up to what annual event was documented this year on the reality series Countdown to the Crown?

8) Who’s the only one of the five main Simpsons not named after one of Matt Groening’s family members?

9) The Big Gulp is to 7-Eleven as the Thirst Buster is to what store?

10) What Nashville theme park, known as the “Home of American Music,” was closed in 1997 and demolished in 1999?

ANSWERS (no peeking)

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Lyrics word clouds are back!

I’ve taken the lyrics to a popular song, removed the title if it appeared in them, and run the rest through Wordle to create a word cloud.

Do you recognize this song?



What famous French quotation was featured in the paintings known as The Treachery of Images?

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Trivia quiz: 10 Questions inspired by the Mona Lisa

Round 2 at the Old Pequliar on April 7, 2009

1) The Mona Lisa’s eyes peek out from the cover of what 2003 mystery, the second-best-selling novel of 2004?

2) To create his piece L.H.O.O.Q., what did Dadaist Marcel Duchamp draw on a postcard of the Mona Lisa?

3) Mona Lisa is one of the craters on what planet, where most of the large craters are named after women?

4) The song “Mona Lisa” was a 1950 hit for what jazz vocalist, who last hit the charts in 1991, 26 years after his death?

5) After the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911, police questioned what artist, who now has a museum in Paris dedicated to him?

6) In 1800, what world leader moved the Mona Lisa to his bedroom?

7) In 2005, “emotion recognition” software calculated that the Mona Lisa was 9% disgusted, 6% fearful, and 2% angry, but 83% what emotional adjective?

8) Mona Lisa Overdrive is the final book in the Sprawl trilogy. What seminal cyberpunk novel was the trilogy’s first book?

9) When the Mona Lisa came to the US in 1962, you could see it in which two East Coast cities? (Half point each)

10) What did the countess of Bearn add to the Mona Lisa back in 1906, which remains with the painting until this day?

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Back from two weeks in Paris and ready to churn out the trivia! Vaguely inspired by the trip is …


What famous French quotation was featured in the paintings known as “The Treachery of Images”?

(Oh, OK: Give yourself half credit if you only know the English translation.)


In the ’80s, Peter Gabriel, the Thompson Twins, and Bon Jovi each recorded otherwise unrelated songs that shared what title?

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?otd, March 16, 2009:


Sleater-Kinney gives props to the lead singer of the Ramones in their anthem “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone.” But they also give a shout out to the lead singer of what noise-rock band?


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In his 1987 painting Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Gottfried Helnwein took the diner from Edward Hopper’s masterpiece Nighthawks and repopulated it with what four pop culture icons?


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Quiz: Google holiday logos (picture round)

Round 8 at the Old Pequliar on Dec. 2, 2008
Average score: 4.8/10 (15 teams)

Google’s got a funky logo — what’s the occasion?

You know how Google likes to play with its logo to commemorate special occasions? Here’s 10 of those decked-out presentations. Your job: Identify the occasion being commemorated.

Note: Some are holidays, i.e. Ash Wednesday. Some are milestones, i.e. the anniversary of the sinking of the Maine. All are real Google logos.

Google holiday logos: Question 1

Google holiday logos: Question 2

Google holiday logos: Question 3

Google holiday logos: Question 4

Google holiday logos: Question 5

Google holiday logos: Question 6

Google holiday logos: Question 7

Google holiday logos: Question 8

Google holiday logos: Question 9

Google holiday logos: Question 10

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Two years after his big break in a popular MTV video, what rapper released his debut album, backed up by the Stray Mob?


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Quiz: Americana

Round 1 at the Old Pequliar on Dec. 2, 2008
Average score: 5.67/10 (15 teams)

1) What US president, called Sharp Knife by the Creek indians, is the subject of the recent biography American Lion?

2) A Squared, The Breakfast Capital of the World, and the Paris of the Midwest are nicknames for cities in what state?

3) “Little Twelvetoes,” “Them Not-So-Dry Bones,” and “Sufferin’ Till Suffrage” all aired as part of what series of animated short films?

4) What famous Red Sox partisan was the most recent American to be named sexiest man alive by People magazine, before being displaced this year by Hugh Jackman?

5) Sherman’s March to the Sea covered the 300 miles between what two Georgia cities? (Half point each)

6) The Kim Carnes song “Above the Waterline” was the original theme song to what iconic TV series?

7) Machias Seal Island, the Dixon Entrance, and North Island are all areas currently subject to boundary disputes between the US and what other country?

8) What Beach Boys album, featuring “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” and “Sloop John B,” was named the second greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone, and spurred the Beatles to record Sgt. Pepper’s in an effort to equal it?

9) Flag, an encaustic, oil, and collage painting mounted on plywood, became a major influence on US pop art when it was released in 1955 by what artist?

10) Who Would Buy This? is the recently released story of what local [i.e. Seattle-based] business?

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