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Sticking with a music theme:

A cover of the Supremes’ “Where Did Our Love Go” hit the Billboard charts in 1982 as the B-side (and sometimes second half) of what song originally recorded by Gloria Jones that peaked at #8 on the hot 100?


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What better way to celebrate 11/12 than with a question about Sesame Street‘s beloved “Pinball Number Count” videos?

If you don’t remember them, the videos featured an animated pinball traveling through a deliriously complex pinball machine, illustrating the number of the day. The opening line went something like this: “One two three FOUR FIVE, six seven eight NINE TEN, eleven twelve.”

Question: The group who performed the song had a number of hits during the ’70s and ’80s. Their last single to hit the Billboard Top 10 was featured on the popular soundtrack for what ’80s movie?

Quiz: Zombies

Round 5 at the Old Pequliar on August 12, 2008
Average score: 6.55/10 (11 teams)

1) According to a chatty zombie in Return of the Living Dead, what’s the only thing that gets rid of the pain of being dead?
2) The classic 1943 film I Walked With a Zombie was partly inspired by what classic 1847 Gothic novel?
3) What 2006 comic book by Robert Kirkman features brain-craving undead versions of Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and more?
4) There are many recipes for the zombie cocktail, but they all involve what liquor?
5) In 1994, what Irish band asked “What’s in your head?” in their international hit song “Zombie”?
6) George Romero’s Land of the Dead features cameos by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the creators of what zombie spoof released the year before?
7) British pop group The Zombies landed three singles in the US Billboard top 40 between 1964 and 1969. Name any one of them for one point.
8) What music video begins with this disclaimer from the artist: “Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in theoccult”?
9) The phrase “klaatu barada nikto” turned off Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still. In what 1992 horror sequel does a mangled version of the phrase raise a legion of hostile zombies?
10) The hilariously gory 1985 film Re-Animator, which brought a whole new meaning to the term “giving head,” was based on the story “Herbert West: Reanimator” by what American horror author?

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Quiz: James

Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on June 3, 2008
Average score: 7.06/10 (16 teams)

1) The novel Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks, published last week, continues the adventures of what famous hero?
2) Gerald Posner’s book Killing the Dream argues that James Earl Ray acted on his own when he assassinated who?
3) Six US presidents have been named James. Which two served consecutively?
4) In the Brady Bunch episode “Bobby’s Hero,” Bobby unsettles his parents when he starts to idolize who?
5) A 1991 techno song by the group L.A. Style declared that what musical icon “Is Dead”, though he didn’t actually die until 2006?
6) What song, the only Billboard hit for the band James, begins “The bed is on fire with passionate love, the neighbors complain about the nosies above, but she only comes when she’s on top“?
7) In 2006, who became the first British artist since Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind 1997” to achieve a Billboard #1 single with his song “You’re Beautiful”?
8) When he wrote the book Pragmatism in 1907, which American philosopher established himself as a leading proponent of the theory of pragmatism?
9) The poem “Disobedience,” about James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree, comes from the collection When We Were Very Young by what British author?
10) Who played a fictionalized version of reclusive author J.D. Salinger in the movie Field of Dreams?

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First Person Singular

All questions start with “I.”

1) What 10-part documentary series shown on VH1 featured regular appearances by Lionel Richie, Traci Lords, Andrew Dice Clay, and Soleil Moon Frye?
2) In 2006, Greg Vaughan replaced Fabio as the spokesman for what popular condiment, which comes in regular and Mediterranean blends?
3) What #1 Billboard single debuted during the opening credits of the film Stand Up and Be Counted and was eventually used in a commercial for the Oxygen network?
4) What tourism slogan, created in 1977, replaced “Fun City”?
5) In 1964, when he agreed that the French film The Lovers was not pornography, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart coined what 7-word pseudo-definition of obscenity?
6) What Cole Porter song, introduced in 1936, did Frank Sinatra first record on his album Songs for Swinging Lovers and eventually record as a duet with U2’s Bono?
7) The Google home page features two buttons under a search box: Google Search on the left, and what on the right?
8) What 1969 autobiographical memoir, which takes its name from the Paul Laurence Dunbar poem “Sympathy,” was followed by Gather Together in My Name, The Heart of a Woman, and All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes?
9) What new wave song, featured in the movie Valley Girl, has been featured in commercials for Burger King and Ritz Crackers?
10) What six-word spelling rule doesn’t cover exceptions such as science, weird, neighbor and weigh?

Average score, 17 teams: 7.24

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Quiz: Jim Henson’s Muppets

1) Which of these is the only Muppet that wasn’t voiced by Jim Henson: Count Von Count, Ernie, Guy Smiley, or the Swedish Chef?
2) In The Monster at the End of This Book, what is the name of the monster at the end of the book?
3) Jim Henson sometimes claimed that “muppet” was a combination of “puppet” and what other word?
4) What media company bought the Muppets in 2004?
5) What long-running television show had a recurring feature in its first season devoted to Muppets in the Land of Gortch?
6) What Muppet series debuted on HBO on January 10, 1983?
7) What song, sung by Kermit, reached #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November, 1979?
8) As a Swedish Chef, the Swedish Chef likely put together many “sandwich tables” — the literal translation of what Swedish word?
9) Rumor had it that Jim Henson didn’t see a doctor when he contracted his fatal case of pneumonia because he was raised in what faith?
10) In 2004, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker were voted Britain’s favorite cinematic scientists, defeating what science fiction character?

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Quiz: Freakshow

1) In the 1932 movie Freaks, a beautiful trapeze artist marries a sideshow freak for his money. What kind of freak is her husband?
2) What actresses play Annabel Andrews in the 1976 and 2003 versions of Freaky Friday?
3) Stephan Fatsis’ book Word Freak documents the competitive world of what game?
4) She’s a very kinky girl — the kind you don’t what?
5) What NBC series, which ran for 18 episodes, was about the high-school experience of Sam and Lindsay Weir?
6) What crime author wrote Freaky Deaky, as well as Get Shorty, Rum Punch, and Out of Sight?
7) What current comic strip’s title character takes his name from one of P.T. Barnum’s freak show exhibits?
8) A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything in what 2005 nonfiction best seller?
9) Grady Stiles, who had the deformity ectrodactyly, performed in sideshows under what stage name?
10) On December 9, 1979, what song by CHIC replaced “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

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Quiz: I, Anonymous

1) Using a secret identity, Val Valentino hosted four specials on FOX revealing secrets of what profession?
2) Norma McCorvey is the real name of the plaintiff in what famous legal case?
3) What well-known Christmas poem, first published anonymously in 1823, begins with the line “‘Twas the night before Christmas”?
4) Comedian Murray Langston appeared on The Gong Show more than 150 times wearing a paper bag over his head and using what alias?
5) What book claiming to be the autobiography of a teenage drug addict took its name from the lyrics of a Jefferson Airplane song?
6) What is the most recent conflict represented by a soldier buried at Arlington National Cemetery’s Tomb of the Unknowns?
7) When he wrote the novel Primary Colors, Joe Klein was a political columnist for what magazine?
8) One Victorian erotic novel published by Anonymous in 1901 claimed to be the autobiography of what kind of insect?
9) Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay used the pseudonym Publius when they published what series of articles?
10) Anonymous Michigan band ? and the Mysterians had a #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit with what song?

Average score, out of 22 teams: 5.77.

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