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Quiz: Across the Buffiverse

Buffy questions for all! Happiness for some!

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of two actors to appear in all 144 episodes of Buffy. What costar, who appeared in 208 episodes of a later sitcom, is the other?
  2. Although Buffy is Buffy Summers’ full first name, the name “Buffy” is usually considered a nickname for what perennially popular girl’s name?
  3. What Kevin Smith player, director, and one-time reality show producer made brief appearances in the original Buffy movie as well as an episode of Angel?
  4. One of movie-Buffy’s life goals is to marry Christian Slater. He never appeared on the show, but he did appear in what 1994 slayer-free vampire movie?
  5. What actor who later played the lead in a different, non-Buffy-related Joss Whedon show auditioned for the role of Angel?
  6. What other show still airing in the late ’90s had been set at Torrance High School before its characters graduated?
  7. The character design of the Gentlemen, the creepy bald villains from the silent episode “Hush,” were partly inspired by what creepy bald animated gentleman?
  8. Vincent Kartheiser plays Angel’s son Connor, but is now better known for being a regular on what current TV series?
  9. Buffy and her friends who battle the supernatural take their informal nickname from what Hanna-Barbera cartoon with a similar premise?
  10. “Witch” is the first and “Beer Bad” is the last of eight episodes in which what does not appear?


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Quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on Dec. 2, 2008
Average score: 6.8/10 (15 teams)

1) Queen’s song “Keep Passing the Open Windows” was originally written for what 1984 movie, which featured Nastassja Kinski as a woman who dresses in a bear suit?

2) What 1998 thriller, directed by Tony Scott, stars Gene Hackman as a surveillance expert similar to the character he played in The Conversation?

3) What 1990 Christian Slater film about a mysterious high-school rebel won the Golden Space Needle award at SIFF, defeating Jesus of Montreal?

4) Billy Crystal originally wrote what 2001 comedy “about celebrity, family, and other forms of insanity,” so he could play the romantic lead, but ended up playing John Cusack’s publicist instead?

5) What 2001 comedy was the first film made featuring two African-American Oscar winners, specifically Whoopi Goldberg and Cuba Gooding, Jr.?

6) According to Salon.com’s critic Stephanie Zacharek, the real stars of what 2003 caper are the Mini Coopers involved in the chase scene?

7) What 1999 comedy/horror movie about a boy who accidentally kills his parents and best friends had its release date pushed back because of the Columbine massacre?

8) What 1998 big last-day-of-high-school party movie includes nine actors who appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and four that appeared on Six Feet Under?

9) What 1997 movie features a British spy foiling the nefarious Project Vulcan, a subterranean delivery system for nuclear warheads?

10) What actor or actress appears in all nine of these movies?

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