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Quiz: Albert Einstein

Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on August 12, 2008
Average score: 7.09/11 (11 teams)

1) On Einstein’s 72nd birthday, photographer Arthur Sasse took a picture of him sitting in the back seat of a car doing what?
2) In a 1993 play, Steve Martin tells the story of Einstein meeting what artist, mentioned in the play’s title, at the Lapin Agile?
3) E=MC2 is the title of an album released earlier this year by what pop diva?
4) In 2000, Michael Paterniti published Driving Mr. Albert, a memoir with the subtitle “a trip across America with” what?
5) Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie are the main characters on what Disney Channel animated series?
6) In the Australian comedy Young Einstein, Einstein falls in love with what fellow scientist?
7) Like the fictional genius Sherlock Holmes, Einstein played what musical instrument?
8) The Albert Einstein Memorial, a bronze statue by Robert Berks, is located in what major US city?
9) What frequent guest voice on The Simpsons was born Albert Einstein but changed his name in the late ’60s when he started working as a comedian?
10) In 2000, Time magazine named Einstein the Person of the Century. For one point each, name the two men Time name as runners up.

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Quiz: Elizabethtown

Every question or answer features a name short for, derived from, or a variation on Elizabeth.

1) Elizabeth I of England was the last monarch in which dynasty?
2) Who played Lizzie McGuire on the 2001-2004 Disney Channel series?
3) In the book Little Women, what illness does Beth die from?
4) Nina Simone had her only top 40 US hit with a song from what George Gershwin opera?
5) Dave Stevens, who created the graphic novel The Rocketeer, modeled the hero’s girlfriend after what 1950s pin-up queen?
6) What computer program, written in 1966, is a chatterbot that mimics the behavior of a Rogerian psychotherapist?
7) What company’s stock ticker symbol is LIZ?
8) Which Apple computer was supposedly named after Steve Jobs’ daughter?
9) Isabel Archer is the main character in what Henry James novel?
10) What role do Giselle Loren, Kristy Swanson, and Sarah Michelle Gellar have in common?

Average score, among 13 teams: 7.00.

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