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What car manufacturer’s name means “blacksmith” in the language of its home country?

Answer (or guess) below. Prize: public glory.


That question, again: According to Disney, Aladdin says “Scat, good tiger, take off and go.” According to a popular rumor vectored (and later retracted) by Movie Guide, though, he really tells “all good teenagers” to do what?

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According to Disney, Aladdin says “Scat, good tiger, take off and go.” According to a popular rumor vectored (and later retracted) by Movie Guide, though, he really tells “all good teenagers” to do what?


That question, again: From 1989 to 1993, what movie star owned the town of Braselton, Georgia?

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Trivia quiz: Magic Words

Featured as round 1 at the Old Pequliar on June 2, 2009

(While researching this round, I came across Craig Conley’s Magic Words: A Dictionary, which I didn’t read ahead of time but have found very enjoyable since. Recommended for the incantophile!)

1) What Washington city is mentioned in the witch doctor’s spell in the 1958 song “Witch Doctor”?

2) Sesame Street’s resident magician, the Amazing Mumford, refers to what popular lunch item as he casts his spells?

3) What Disney movie combining live action and animation features the spell “Filigree, apogee, pedigree, perigee”?

4) Jambi the Genie said “Mekka-lekka-hi, mekka-hiney-ho” when granting wishes on what kids’ show?

5) If you’re dueling with Dumbledore and he casts “expelliarmus” on you, what will you do?

6) What magical acronym from comics became a catchphrase for Gomer Pyle?

7) What two-word incantation is the title of a Kurt Vonnegut novel and the name of the magician’s rabbit on Frosty the Snowman?

8) “Sarsaparilla,” “Saskatchewan,” “septuagenarian,” “saddle soap” … what magic word is on the tip of Hassan’s tongue in a popular Bugs Bunny short?

9) How does DC comics magician Zatanna usually transform ordinary English words into magic words?

10) What popular magic word begins phrases including “send me someone to love,” “Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em,” and “don’t squeeze the Charmin”?

ANSWERS (no peeking)

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Trivia quiz: The Duality of Man

Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on April 7, 2009

Theme of the round: All about duos.

1) What Disney movie has a direct-to-video sequel wherein one of the main characters “has a glitch”?

2) What TGIF comedy on ABC featured Kelly Ripa as one of the title characters?

3) What literary detectives cracked the cases of the Tower Treasure, the Mystery of Cabin Island, and the Missing Chums, among many others?

4) “The Mac Dad will make you jump jump” and “the Daddy Mac will make you jump jump” according to the 1992 hit by what group?

5) If last names had been used in the title, what 1986 biopic about a doomed love affair would’ve been called Ritchie and Spungen?

6) Frank Sinatra pulled some strings to reunite what comedy team on a televised benefit for the Muscular Dystrophy Association?

7) What gourmet grocery store first opened in SoHo in 1977, but hasn’t gotten any closer to Seattle than the Napa Valley?

8) Before they become a Saturday Night Live star and a Mystery Man, what comedy duo had their own Nickelodeon sitcom and starred in Good Burger?

9) The 1962 film Send Me No Flowers was the last of three films featuring what popular on-screen couple?

10) “A bad imitation of Peter Lorre” hangs out with “an amped-up Larry Fine” according to the voice actors behind what zany cartoon duo?


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?otd, March 9, 2009: A question of character


What do these works have in common: Peter Pan, “The Little Mermaid,” Make Way for Ducklings, Rocky, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Honeymooners, and The Bob Newhart Show? (Yes, those of you who follow Seattlest may find the question familiar.)


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?otd, March 8, 2009: Charmed, I’m Sure


Which movie features the first official Disney princess to fall in love with a prince who wasn’t just named Prince or Charming?

PREVIOUS ANSWER (see the question):

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Quiz: Fairy Tales

Round 2 at the Old Pequliar on Feb. 3, 2009

1) According to one of the Grimms’ fairy tales, who is Snow White’s colorfully named sister?

2) Disney did two short films based on “The Ugly Duckling,” but what was the first full-length Disney movie based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale?

3) Gregory Maguire’s second novel, after Wicked, was Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, a revisionist version of what fairy tale?

4) “Red Hot Riding Hood,” Tex Avery’s cartoon featuring a lustful, bug-eyed wolf visiting a nightclub, was parodied in what 1994 comedy/action film?

5) Slavic witch Baba Yaga’s house walks around on what kind of legs?

6) Four old animals decide to travel to Bremen and become town musicians. What kind of animals are they? For one point, name two; name all four for a bonus point. (Write down no more than 4 species.)

7) Giants, soldiers, and kings assumed the brave tailor who killed “seven with one blow” killed seven men. But he actually killed seven what?

8) In the Hans Cristian Andersen tale “The Steadfast Tin Soldier,” the solder falls in love with what kind of paper doll?

9) The only Razzie award won by an animated film went to “Marry the Mole,” a song from what 1994 Don Bluth movie?

10) What Disney movie is based on the tale called “Briar Rose” by the Brothers Grimm?

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Quiz: Triangulation

Round 3 at the Old Pequliar on Dec. 2, 2008
Average score: 6.07/10 (15 teams)

Triangulation is the product of an unholy union between Wikipedia’s disambiguation pages, seldom-used dictionary definitions, Urban Dictionary, and whatever words catch my fancy. I’ll give you three definitions, you tell me the word or phrase that fits them all.

Example: A Canadian music award, a Roman goddess, and Roger Ebert’s favorite film of 2007: Juno

1) a kind of wine, a kind of rock, and where Hewlett-Packard got its start

2) a British drink made of fruit juice and soda water, a non-Olympic racquet sport, and a zucchini

3) something you build while hunting, a forced bet, and a slat-driven device

4) five and a half yards, something you’d find near a cone, and a character from Avenue Q

5) Snoopy’s sister, a Disney princess, and Sebastian’s dog

6) a wrestling lineup, a wag or wit or joker, or something you punch

7) a kind of bug, a field, and Jennifer’s middle name

8) part of a whip, a British crime TV series, and a racial slur

9) a tour guide, to summon someone, and a 1950s Playmate of the Month

10) a porn studio, Elphaba’s story, and Bostonese for “extremely”

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Quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on August 12, 2008
Average score: 7.27/10 (11 teams)

1) What 1991 Wes Craven film stars two actors from Twin Peaks as the mother and father of a terrifying family?
2) What 1999 Martin Scorsese drama about a paramedic working the night shift was one of the last American films released on laserdisc?
3) What 2002 animated Disney film, their first set in Hawaii, was promoted with trailers that parodied The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King?
4) Jessica Biel plays a civil rights lawyer in what 2007 comedy, her highest grossing movie to date?
5) What 1999 film was described as an attempt to build an entire movie around a sequence involving Catherine Zeta-Jones’ ass and some laser beams?
6) Barb Wire, The Stupids, Ed, and The Island of Dr. Moreau all lost the 1996 Worst Picture Razzie to what Demi Moore film based on an actually pretty-good Carl Hiaasen novel?
7) What 1998 crime film starring Jennifer Lopez inspired Karen Sisco, the criminally short-lived TV series starring Carla Gugino?
8) Before directing 300, Zack Snyder directed what 2004 remake of a classic 1978 horror film?
9) What John Woo film, an action sequel loosely based on the Hitchcock film Notorious, was the highest-grossing movie in the world in 2000?
10) What actor or actress appeared in all 9 of these movies?

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Quiz: Albert Einstein

Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on August 12, 2008
Average score: 7.09/11 (11 teams)

1) On Einstein’s 72nd birthday, photographer Arthur Sasse took a picture of him sitting in the back seat of a car doing what?
2) In a 1993 play, Steve Martin tells the story of Einstein meeting what artist, mentioned in the play’s title, at the Lapin Agile?
3) E=MC2 is the title of an album released earlier this year by what pop diva?
4) In 2000, Michael Paterniti published Driving Mr. Albert, a memoir with the subtitle “a trip across America with” what?
5) Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie are the main characters on what Disney Channel animated series?
6) In the Australian comedy Young Einstein, Einstein falls in love with what fellow scientist?
7) Like the fictional genius Sherlock Holmes, Einstein played what musical instrument?
8) The Albert Einstein Memorial, a bronze statue by Robert Berks, is located in what major US city?
9) What frequent guest voice on The Simpsons was born Albert Einstein but changed his name in the late ’60s when he started working as a comedian?
10) In 2000, Time magazine named Einstein the Person of the Century. For one point each, name the two men Time name as runners up.

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