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Quiz: Seattle 2008

Round 2 at the Old Pequliar on Jan. 6, 2009
Average score: 7.67/10 (21 teams)

1) Thanks to a corrupted computer file, Pyro Spectaculars had to manually do what?
2) Who declared on Western Washington billboards that “four dollars is dumb” and “large is the new grande”?
3) What local sports franchise was defeated in round 1 of the Northwest Knockdown championships by a team from Chicago?
4) In January, local women Anne Levinson, Lisa Brummel, Ginny Gilder, and Dawn Trudeau banded together to buy what?
5) After Bill Gates mostly retired from Microsoft, he appeared in a TV commercial shopping for shoes with what ’90s celebrity?
6) What were Barons, Bison, Energy, Marshalls, and Wind?
7) Two Seattle-based Fortune 500 companies were acquired by other companies last year. Name the two companies, for a half point each.
8) A Rainier Beach resident died after being punched in the face during an argument that started because he was tending a garden he’d planted where?
9) Local resident Casey Knowles made news when footage of her sleeping turned up in a commercial for what?
10) Which presidential candidate won February’s Washington Republican caucus?

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Quiz: American Geography

Round 1 at the Old Pequliar on Nov. 18, 2008

1) 43 companies in the 2008 Fortune 500 are headquartered in what city, the Fortune 500 home-base champ?

2) The Sunshine Factory, the Heart of Historic Route 66, and the Town Too Tough to Die are all nicknames for cities in which state?

3) Before Obama, the president born furthest west came from Yorba Linda, California. Who was he?

4) What body of water is the largest remnant of Lake Bonneville, which once covered the area now known as the Great Basin?

5) According to the 2000 census, what is the most commonly spoken Native American language in the US?

6) If you start in Georgia and walk the entire Appalachian Trail, you’ll end up at Mt. Katahdin in what state?

7) Sugar Land and Baytown are the two smaller cities in the metropolitan area that includes what Texas city?

8) Eight of the ten largest islands in the United States are located in what state?

9) The US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is stored in underground salt caverns at four sites located in what two states? (half point each)

10) The Bible Belt is bursting with Protestants. The Rust Belt is losing jobs in the steel industry. What’s the defining characteristic of the Jell-O Belt?

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The Business of the American People

1) Lipitor, the best-selling drug in the world, is a product of what pharmaceutical company?
2) In 2003, after doing business under the founder’s name for over 150 years, what Dow Jones Industrial Average company renamed itself Altria Group?
3) See’s Candies, Fruit of the Loom, World Book, Dairy Queen, and Nebraska Furniture Mart are all subsidiaries of what insurance company?
4) According to the 2007 Fortune 500, what company based in New York City is the largest telecommunications company in the world?
5) Two companies used in the Dow Jones Industrial Average are traded on the NASDAQ, rather than the New York Stock Exchange. Name one of them.
6) Grinding It Out is the autobiography of the entrepreneur responsible for the success of what company?
7) The largest retail company in the US, Wal-Mart, is a general merchandise retailer. What specialty chain of big-box stores is the second-largest?
8) The Ford Motor Company owns two vehicle brands from the UK. Name one of them.
9) Steve Jobs got the idea for the mouse and graphical user interface when he saw the Alto computer while touring what company’s research facility?
10) Which broadcast network is owned by General Electric?

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Quiz: Seattle

1) On April 19, 1999, what iconic Seattle building was officially designated a city historic landmark?
2) Within Seattle city limits, Washington State Route 522 is known as what street?
3) What business was founded on the site where Waterfall Park is today?
4) In 2001, the downtown neighborhood between Belltown and Pioneer Square was given what new name?
5) Six companies headquartered in Seattle made the 2007 Fortune 500. Name four of them. Bonus point: name the one that’s new to the top 500 this year.
6) What Seattle native inspired H.L. Mencken to coin the word “ecdysiast”?
7) What album, first certified platinum in 1995, is the best-selling album released by Sub Pop?
8) Between 2002 and 2006, which Seattle street had the most traffic accidents involving jaywalkers?
9) In October 1970, the Seattle City Council made it a crime, punishable by a $100 fine, to climb what local natural landmark?
10) There are four Seattle strip clubs in which it’s legal to get a lap dance. What’s the only one offering male dancers?
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