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Quiz: Chocolate

Round 1 at the Old Pequliar on Nov. 18, 2008

1) Barack Obama’s favorite sweets come from what local chocolatier?

2) If you’re eating something that’s at least 13% milk solids, 3.5% milk fat, 20% cocoa butter, and no more than 55% sugar, according to US regulations, what is it?

3) Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate, applying skills he used in what other profession involving melted material?

4) Nestle Quik chocolate milk mix was first introduced in 1948. What flavor came next, in 1959?

5) What former cast member on In Living Color hosts Comedy Central’s Chocolate News?

6) What West African country is the world’s leading exporter of cocoa, a crop introduced during the French colonial period?

7) What funk album by Parliament shares its name with a controversial phrase used in a 2006 speech by New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin?

8) Roald Dahl’s sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is called Charlie and the … what unusual mode of transportation?

9) Hershey’s Kisses were originally only wrapped in silver foil. What two additional colors did Hershey first use in 1962?

10) According to McSweeney’s, what famous horror writer might have described a Whitman’s Sampler chocolate cherry cordial with this copy: “You must not think me mad when I tell you what I found below the thin shell of chocolate used to disguise this bonbon’s true face. Yes! Hidden beneath its rich exterior is a hideously moist cherry cordial! What deranged architect could have engineered this non-Euclidean aberration? I dare not speculate.”

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Quiz: Kissing Booth

1) Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman spend three minutes nibbling on each other between bites of chicken in what Hitchcock movie?
2) At the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna kissed Britney Spears and then what other woman?
3) When Prince performed “Kiss” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he changed “you don’t have to watch Dynasty” to “you don’t have to watch” what risque sitcom?
4) In the TV movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, which band member has super strength and the ability to breathe fire?
5) In 1994, in a controversial episode, Roseanne kisses what female guest star?
6) Some people hear “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy,” but Jimi Hendrix actually sang “‘scuse me while I” what?
7) Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse on VJ day was originally published in what magazine?
8) Hershey’s Kisses were all chocolate until 1990, when Hershey’s released kisses with what?
9) Brokeback Mountain, Hustle and Flow, Just Friends, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, or Sin City: which film won Best Kiss at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards?
10) The Cole Porter musical Kiss Me, Kate is based on which Shakespeare play?

Average score among 13 teams: 7.23.

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