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Trivia quiz: Best pub quiz round … ever!

Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on May 5, 2009

Superlatives! Some of these contain a superlative in the question, some in the answer.

1) Many journalists writing about bad news in April call it “the cruellest month,” a literary cliche lifted from what poem?

2) “With Burt and Dolly, this much fun just couldn’t be legal” is the tagline for what musical?

3) Some people call them The Veterans, some call them the G.I. Generation, but Tom Brokaw calls them what?

4) The Netherlands’ De Afvallers, Mexico’s ¿Cuánto quieres perder? and Israel’s Laredet Begadol are versions of what US series?

5) U2’s “The Sweetest Thing” was the B-side to what single from The Joshua Tree, later covered by Pet Shop Boys?

6) What fumble-fingered actor was The Shakiest Gun in the West?

7) “They’re giving you thousands of hours of entertainment for free. What could they possibly owe you? If anything, you owe them.” Comic Book Guy responds with what three-word phrase?

8) The 1962 film The Longest Day gathered “42 international stars” to tell the story of what event?

9) Paddington Bear arrived at London’s Paddington station after emigrating from?

10) According to Life.com’s count of popular tags, what European capital is the most-photographed city on Flickr?

ANSWERS (no peeking!)

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Quiz: Triangulation

Round 3 at the Old Pequliar on March 3, 2009
Average score: 6.71 (14 teams)

Premise: Given three definitions (in the loose sense of the word), give me the term that fits them all.

Example: an after-dinner cocktail, a kosher insect, and a pop cultural synonym for padawan are all “grasshopper”

Here we go:

1) a type of photography, a Rick Astley album, and the opposite of landscape

2) a Samsung cell phone, a kind of Mac OS file, and an espionage TV series

3) a kind of dog collar, something you might see in a parking lot, and part of a volcano

4) a kind of steak, an Adam Ant song, and a daily dose of Peanuts

5) a kind of wire, a thorn in Robin Hood’s side, and something you might burn in Britain

6) a piece of chocolate, Dale’s partner, and a buffalo byproduct

7) a kind of play, an episode of Buffy, and Peter Gabriel’s soundtrack to Last Temptation of Christ

8) a typesetting term, having a lot of money, and a poker hand

9) Wonka’s successor, a kind of list, and something a walrus might have

10) a Thomas Pynchon novel, the middle of many court cases, and the invasion of the lizard people

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Fashion photographer Steven Meisel became a best-selling co-author in 1992, when what popular coffee table book sold over 1.5 million copies?


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Two years after his big break in a popular MTV video, what rapper released his debut album, backed up by the Stray Mob?


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Quiz: Albert Einstein

Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on August 12, 2008
Average score: 7.09/11 (11 teams)

1) On Einstein’s 72nd birthday, photographer Arthur Sasse took a picture of him sitting in the back seat of a car doing what?
2) In a 1993 play, Steve Martin tells the story of Einstein meeting what artist, mentioned in the play’s title, at the Lapin Agile?
3) E=MC2 is the title of an album released earlier this year by what pop diva?
4) In 2000, Michael Paterniti published Driving Mr. Albert, a memoir with the subtitle “a trip across America with” what?
5) Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie are the main characters on what Disney Channel animated series?
6) In the Australian comedy Young Einstein, Einstein falls in love with what fellow scientist?
7) Like the fictional genius Sherlock Holmes, Einstein played what musical instrument?
8) The Albert Einstein Memorial, a bronze statue by Robert Berks, is located in what major US city?
9) What frequent guest voice on The Simpsons was born Albert Einstein but changed his name in the late ’60s when he started working as a comedian?
10) In 2000, Time magazine named Einstein the Person of the Century. For one point each, name the two men Time name as runners up.

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2007 in Seattle in Review

1) In July, Boeing held a rollout ceremony for their new 787 jet. What’s the 787’s non-numeric name?
2) Dave Bazan, J. Tillman, and Robin Pecknold played the last-ever show at what legendary venue?
3) On April 16, what two local institutions buried the hatchet, avoided a court trial, and announced an end to a long-standing dispute?
4) Audio Day Dream was the debut album by what nationally known musical artist from Bothell?
5) For a few days after the Olympic Sculpture Park opened, a sign told people they couldn’t do what to the sculpture Typewriter Eraser, Scale X?
6) In September, Kapow! Coffee started a booming business selling what non-food-or-beverage?
7) Because it prompted so many building evacuations, the city threatened to ban what in all civic buildings?
8) In July, King County voted to ban what from all county restaurants, starting August 1 this year?
9) After 2 years on top, Seattle was knocked down to the second-most-literate city in America in 2007, losing the crown to what midwest city?
10) Who owns the top four floors of the new Seattle Art Museum building?

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Quiz: Kissing Booth

1) Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman spend three minutes nibbling on each other between bites of chicken in what Hitchcock movie?
2) At the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna kissed Britney Spears and then what other woman?
3) When Prince performed “Kiss” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he changed “you don’t have to watch Dynasty” to “you don’t have to watch” what risque sitcom?
4) In the TV movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, which band member has super strength and the ability to breathe fire?
5) In 1994, in a controversial episode, Roseanne kisses what female guest star?
6) Some people hear “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy,” but Jimi Hendrix actually sang “‘scuse me while I” what?
7) Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse on VJ day was originally published in what magazine?
8) Hershey’s Kisses were all chocolate until 1990, when Hershey’s released kisses with what?
9) Brokeback Mountain, Hustle and Flow, Just Friends, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, or Sin City: which film won Best Kiss at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards?
10) The Cole Porter musical Kiss Me, Kate is based on which Shakespeare play?

Average score among 13 teams: 7.23.

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