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Special simulpost with Seattlest.com! If you’re in Seattle and play the quiz at the Old Pequliar tonight, you can win free beer for answering this question. (Otherwise, the usual bragging rights apply.)

What do these people have in common?
Stephen Colbert, Robert Cormier, Beyoncé Knowles, Richard Matheson, Leonard Nimoy, and Tom Wolfe

To qualify for the free beer, email your answer to james at seattlest dot com. Otherwise, make your guess in the comments and check back tomorrow for the answer.


That question, again: What classic children’s film is divided into chapters, including “When Childhood Ends…,” “Crime and Punishment,” and “The Way Things Are”?

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What’s the US counterpart to France’s Cogirep, Germany’s Capitol Versicherung AG, Canada’s Les Papiers Jennings, and Chile’s Papeles Lozano?


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Quiz: Vicious Slurs Against the French

Round 2 at the Old Pequliar on March 3, 2009
Average score: 8.5/10 (14 teams)

1) In 2003 cafeterias in the House of Representatives changed the names of two menu items: French fries and what else?

2) In 2006, the French Minister of Culture awarded the Légion d’honneur to whom, calling him the “French people’s favourite clown”?

3) Although Inspector Clouseau is the star of the Pink Panther films, he’s not actually the Pink Panther. Who or what is?

4) What famous romantic stars in the Looney Tunes shorts “The Cats Bah,” “Odor-Able Kitty,” and “For Scent-imental Reasons”?

5) What fictional family claimed to come from Remulac, a small town in France?

6) What insult coined on The Simpsons and popular with the National Review crowd was dubbed as “singes mangeurs de fromage” on the French version of the show?

7) Immediately after a French taunter says “Fetchez la vache,” what is flung at King Arthur and his knights?

8) What 1974 song by Labelle had a cover version hit the charts in 2001, reviving a famous French come-on?

9) In Pulp Fiction, right before revealing what they call a Big Mac in France, Vincent also notes that in Paris you can buy what beverage at McDonald’s?

10) The French have a reputation for passion, so what do we call the thing they refer to as embrasser avec la langue or rouler une pelle?

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What’s the significance of these names in this order: Shirley, Lincoln, Arnold, Tony, Billy, Marsha, and Nick?


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Former Velvet Underground members Lou Reed and John Cale reunited to collaborate on the 1990 album Songs for Drella.

The easier question: “Drella” was a nickname for who?

Harder question: What two well-known names from pop culture were smooshed together (that’s the technical term) to create that nickname?


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Quiz: Pop Seattle

Round 3 at Post on October 20, 2008

The third round of trivia for the Yes on Seattle Prop. 1 fundraiser focused on local pop culture. Some of these appeared in other quizzes, though much is new.

Special tip of the hat to Jen Koogler at Scarecrow Video for tracking down the info for the tiebreaker question this round. Merci!

1) For Hump! 4, this year’s amateur porn contest, filmmakers could get extra credit by including what political candidate in their movie?
2) The Coryell Court Apartments at 1820 E Thomas became famous because of what 1992 release?
3) KUOW alumnus and former Seattleite John Moe currently hosts what weekly radio program produced by American Public Media?
4) In September, local band Heart asked the McCain campaign to stop playing what song at their events?
5) The notorious Led Zeppelin “shark episode” took place during their 1969 stay at what local hotel?
6) “Songs From a Parallel Universe,” an album of cello compositions, was recorded in 2003 aboard what ferry, which is now located in Tacoma?
7) Chris Wedes is much better known in Seattle by what name?
8) What article of clothing, worn by Richard Hatch on Survivor: All Stars, was originally made from a pair of green military field pants?
9) Mistress Matisse, Shannon Kringen, Elisabeth Eaves, and Victoria Langley have all worked at what famed local landmark, originally known as the Sultan Theater?
10) What local band was originally named Mookie Blaylock until legal concerns forced a name change?
11) How many laserdiscs does Scarecrow Video still have in its rental inventory?

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Quiz: Spoiler Alert!

Round 2 at the Old Pequliar on Sept. 2, 2008
Average score: 5.95/10 (11 teams)

Given the famous spoiler or plot twist, tell me what work it comes from. (Spoilers ahead, naturally.)

1) (movie) Keaton wasn’t the mastermind after all — it was Verbal all along.
2) (graphic novel) The bad guy destroys New York City to avert nuclear war. But as one of the heroes reminds him, “Nothing ever ends.”
3) (movie) Katherine is her sister and her daughter. And her father-slash-babydaddy gets custody.
4) (TV) Number 1 is a chimpanzee. Or Number 6. Or maybe the screenwriter. It’s open to interpretation.
5) (book) He finds himself back in the desert where it all began, but this time he’s carrying the Horn of Eld.
6) (TV) She moves to New York, becomes a photographer, and dies in 2085 at age 101.
7) (novel) Each of the 12 suspects stabbed Mr. Ratchett once.
8) (play) Technically, he says he could have asked for the moment to go on forever — so he gets to go to heaven after all.
9) (movie) When Diane — or maybe she’s Betty — finds a blue key, she shoots herself. No one agrees what it all means, though.
10) (web series) Captain Hammer gets hurt, Penny gets killed, and the main character gets his wish: joining Bad Horse in the Evil League of Evil.

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Quiz: Zombies

Round 5 at the Old Pequliar on August 12, 2008
Average score: 6.55/10 (11 teams)

1) According to a chatty zombie in Return of the Living Dead, what’s the only thing that gets rid of the pain of being dead?
2) The classic 1943 film I Walked With a Zombie was partly inspired by what classic 1847 Gothic novel?
3) What 2006 comic book by Robert Kirkman features brain-craving undead versions of Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and more?
4) There are many recipes for the zombie cocktail, but they all involve what liquor?
5) In 1994, what Irish band asked “What’s in your head?” in their international hit song “Zombie”?
6) George Romero’s Land of the Dead features cameos by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the creators of what zombie spoof released the year before?
7) British pop group The Zombies landed three singles in the US Billboard top 40 between 1964 and 1969. Name any one of them for one point.
8) What music video begins with this disclaimer from the artist: “Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in theoccult”?
9) The phrase “klaatu barada nikto” turned off Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still. In what 1992 horror sequel does a mangled version of the phrase raise a legion of hostile zombies?
10) The hilariously gory 1985 film Re-Animator, which brought a whole new meaning to the term “giving head,” was based on the story “Herbert West: Reanimator” by what American horror author?

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Puzzler: What do these directors have in common?

What do these directors have in common?

Darren Aronofsky
Larry Cohen
Costa Gavras
Fritz Lang
Tim Blake Nelson
Oliver Stone

Quiz: Movies

Round 7 at the Old Pequliar on July 1, 2008.
Average score: 6.24/10 (17 teams)

1) Speaking of Britney Spears, before the release title was settled on, what 2002 drama was known as Untitled Britney Spears Project and Not a Girl?
2) What 2006 satire features Luke Wilson, the smartest man on earth, pointing out that it may contain electrolytes, but Brawndo isn’t as good for crops as water (not necessarily from the toilet)?
3) What 2006 romantic comedy features one of the stars requesting “the Telly Savales” at a waxing salon?
4) In December 2007, John C. Reilly performed seven concerts in character to promote what movie, produced by Judd Apatow?
5) Lindsay Lohan won a Kid’s Choice Award for her performance in what 2005 film that revived a famous Disney character from the ’70s and ’80s?
6) What 2005 comedy, inspired by Clerks, focuses on several characters working a shift at the fictional fast-casual restaurant Shenaniganz?
7) Jonathan Frakes called Patrick Stewart and told him he “must not miss” what 1999 comedy, insisting that he see it “on a Saturday night in a full theatre”?
8) What 2001 horror film takes its title from a popular song first recorded in 1938 by Louis Armstrong?
9) What 2007 action film, based on an article from Wired magazine, inspired local film critic Vern to say “don’t be Ellis” to the studio executive who required that it get a PG-13 rating?
10) What actor or actress appears in all nine of these movies?

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