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Quiz: Horror Movie Sequels & Remakes

  1. What activity is undertaken by Jason in the eighth Friday the 13th movie and the Muppets in their third movie, according to the titles?
  2. What kind of lycanthrope was played by Nastassja Kinski in a remake of a classic movie starring Simone Simon?
  3. When the third Ju-on film was remade, the Japanese setting was kept, Sarah Michelle Gellar was brought in to star, and the name was Anglicized to what?
  4. Three of the Halloween sequels are subtitled “the [X] of Michael Myers.” For a half point, name one of the three Xs. For a full point, name two. Name three and get a warm fuzzy feeling inside for knowing a lot about shitty sequels.
  5. Now that he’s retired from directing, Steven Soderbergh has time to do stuff like edit together a mashup of what 1960 horror film and its controversial 1998 remake?
  6. When a Stranger Calls, a movie inspired by the urban legend of the babysitter and the man upstairs, inspired a remake in 2006 and a sequel in 1993. What one word was added to the end of the title to form the title of the sequel?
  7. Big batch of spoilers! Timothy Olyphant, Laurie Metcalf, Scott Foley, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts all play masked killers in the sequels to what 1996 slasher film?
  8. What Hebrew and Arabic name meaning “protected by God” became popular in the US after the remake of Ringu came out in 2003? It has the same first letter and number of syllables as Sadako, the original’s ghost girl.
  9. Chloë Grace Moretz is only seventeen, but has already appeared in three horror film remakes. Name the one where she plays the title role for a half point, and one of the other two for another half point.
  10. Jessica Lange and Naomi Watts have each played opposite the title character in remakes of what classic horror movie?


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Simply Red

Note: All answers contain the word “red.”

1) What Neil Diamond song became a #1 hit for UB40 in 1983 and 1988? Bonus hint: this may be my least favorite song in the history of recorded music.
2) On TV, her name was Heather, but Charles Schulz never named her in Peanuts. Who was the unrequited object of Charlie Brown’s affection?
3) What song was Prince’s first top-10 hit in the United States?
4) What city, known as the “bicycle capital of the Northwest,” is home to the only velodrome in Washington State?
5) What future sitcom star was a dishwasher in the 1940s at the speakeasy where Malcolm X waited tables?
6) What 1990s Showtime series featured David Duchovny running a personal ad asking for “stories of love, passion, or betrayal”?
7) The 1920s Yankees were Murderers’ Row. The 1930s Cardinals were the Gashouse Gang. What were the 1970s Cincinnati Reds?
8) What 1983 U2 album became the United Kingdom’s best-selling live recording ever?
9) What 1994 song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, which takes its name from the epic poem Paradise Lost, was featured in all three Scream movies?
10) Sam’s Tavern near the University District [in Seattle, out of towners] eventually became what restaurant, the first in a chain of 307 nationwide?

Average score, 17 teams: 8.00

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