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Quiz: Albert Einstein

Round 6 at the Old Pequliar on August 12, 2008
Average score: 7.09/11 (11 teams)

1) On Einstein’s 72nd birthday, photographer Arthur Sasse took a picture of him sitting in the back seat of a car doing what?
2) In a 1993 play, Steve Martin tells the story of Einstein meeting what artist, mentioned in the play’s title, at the Lapin Agile?
3) E=MC2 is the title of an album released earlier this year by what pop diva?
4) In 2000, Michael Paterniti published Driving Mr. Albert, a memoir with the subtitle “a trip across America with” what?
5) Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie are the main characters on what Disney Channel animated series?
6) In the Australian comedy Young Einstein, Einstein falls in love with what fellow scientist?
7) Like the fictional genius Sherlock Holmes, Einstein played what musical instrument?
8) The Albert Einstein Memorial, a bronze statue by Robert Berks, is located in what major US city?
9) What frequent guest voice on The Simpsons was born Albert Einstein but changed his name in the late ’60s when he started working as a comedian?
10) In 2000, Time magazine named Einstein the Person of the Century. For one point each, name the two men Time name as runners up.

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You Give Love a Bad Name

1) In 2004 Jason Allen Alexander spent 55 memorable hours married to whom?
2) What Grammy-winning song about a stalker did Puff Daddy sample in “I’ll Be Missing You,” his tribute to the Notorious B.I.G.?
3) In Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger snarls “Consider that a divorce” after he shoots who in the head?
4) “When I watch you eat. When I see you asleep. When I look at you lately, I just want to smash your face in,” says Kathleen Turner to Michael Douglas in what 1989 film?
5) Before she fell for Ellen DeGeneres at a Vanity Fair Oscar party, Anne Heche dated and ripped the heart out of what occasional Oscar host?
6) The Giving Tree, about a boy who uses up a tree that loves him with all its heart, was written by what children’s book author?
7) According to Hollywood gossip, director Robert Rodriguez divorced his wife of 16 years after having a torrid affair with what star on his most recent film?
8) Rebecca Schaeffer, the sitcom actress murdered by her stalker, was the subject of the first episode of what long-running documentary series?
9) What woman at the center of a political sex scandal went on to become an anti-pornography activist and author of Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace?
10) Rick Salomon, Pamela Anderson’s latest husband, created Red Light District Video to distribute a sex tape he filmed with what former girlfriend?

Average score (21 teams): 6.57

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