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Quiz: Horror Movie Sequels & Remakes

  1. What activity is undertaken by Jason in the eighth Friday the 13th movie and the Muppets in their third movie, according to the titles?
  2. What kind of lycanthrope was played by Nastassja Kinski in a remake of a classic movie starring Simone Simon?
  3. When the third Ju-on film was remade, the Japanese setting was kept, Sarah Michelle Gellar was brought in to star, and the name was Anglicized to what?
  4. Three of the Halloween sequels are subtitled “the [X] of Michael Myers.” For a half point, name one of the three Xs. For a full point, name two. Name three and get a warm fuzzy feeling inside for knowing a lot about shitty sequels.
  5. Now that he’s retired from directing, Steven Soderbergh has time to do stuff like edit together a mashup of what 1960 horror film and its controversial 1998 remake?
  6. When a Stranger Calls, a movie inspired by the urban legend of the babysitter and the man upstairs, inspired a remake in 2006 and a sequel in 1993. What one word was added to the end of the title to form the title of the sequel?
  7. Big batch of spoilers! Timothy Olyphant, Laurie Metcalf, Scott Foley, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts all play masked killers in the sequels to what 1996 slasher film?
  8. What Hebrew and Arabic name meaning “protected by God” became popular in the US after the remake of Ringu came out in 2003? It has the same first letter and number of syllables as Sadako, the original’s ghost girl.
  9. Chloë Grace Moretz is only seventeen, but has already appeared in three horror film remakes. Name the one where she plays the title role for a half point, and one of the other two for another half point.
  10. Jessica Lange and Naomi Watts have each played opposite the title character in remakes of what classic horror movie?


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Quiz: In the Seattle of Make-Believe

1) The episode titled “The 1000th Show” was what series’ only episode that was actually filmed in Seattle?
2) The characters in Grey’s Anatomy work in what Seattle hospital?
3) What 1999 comedy adapts the action of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew into a local high school?
4) In what 1992 film does a fictional mayor veto the idea of a Supertrain to address Seattle traffic problems?
5) Max, resident of Seattle in the year 2019 and the main character in the show Dark Angel, was played by what up-and-coming movie star?
6) In the 2002 film The Ring, Seattle journalist Rachel Embry attempts to save her son from the ghost of a girl named what?
7) In the 1983 film WarGames, David Lightman challenges a computer named Joshua to what game?
8) Dr. Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist from Seattle, stars in what video game series?
9) In the 1973 film The Night Strangler, Carl Kolchak tracks an undead alchemist through the Seattle Underground. What city was he living in in The Night Stalker when he tracked down a vampire serial killer?
10) In DC Comics, what member of the Justice League moved to Seattle in 1987, though he’s now the mayor of Star City?
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