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Quiz: Americana (Tourist Edition)

Round 1 at the Old Pequliar on March 3, 2009
Average score: 7.5/10 (14 teams)

Each correct answer is a US city.

1) If you want to gorge on museums and visit the Carnegie Science Center, the National Aviary, and the Andy Warhol Museum, where do you need to go?

2) If you want to hear some blues on Beale Street, stop by the historic Sun recording studio, and catch an NBA game in the FedEx Forum, where should you go?

3) To take in the Diamond Head State Monument, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, and a genuine royal palace located in the US, you need to head where?

4) To visit the Rice Eccles Olympic Stadium and Temple Square, then slather some fry sauce on your fries, where do you need to go?

5) If you’re in the Duke City to visit the National Atomic Museum and see the Isotopes play baseball, where are you?

6) If you want to see Ansel Adams photographs at the Center for Creative Photography, check out the Titan Missile Museum, and get to Saguaro National Park, what city should you visit?

7) If you’re visiting the American Jazz Museum and take the Hallmark Cards tour in the City of Fountains, where are you?

8) If you fly in to Mitchell International Airport to attend the Summerfest music festival and stop by the Bronze Fonz, where are you?

9) If you want to listen to the Kotzschmar Organ, take the Lucky Catch Lobster Cruise, and see the Sea Dogs play AA baseball, what city do you need to visit?

10) If you take TriMet to get married at Voodoo Doughnuts before visiting the Expose Yourself to Art statue, you’re in Little Beirut, better known as what city?

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Quiz: American Geography

Round 1 at the Old Pequliar on Nov. 18, 2008

1) 43 companies in the 2008 Fortune 500 are headquartered in what city, the Fortune 500 home-base champ?

2) The Sunshine Factory, the Heart of Historic Route 66, and the Town Too Tough to Die are all nicknames for cities in which state?

3) Before Obama, the president born furthest west came from Yorba Linda, California. Who was he?

4) What body of water is the largest remnant of Lake Bonneville, which once covered the area now known as the Great Basin?

5) According to the 2000 census, what is the most commonly spoken Native American language in the US?

6) If you start in Georgia and walk the entire Appalachian Trail, you’ll end up at Mt. Katahdin in what state?

7) Sugar Land and Baytown are the two smaller cities in the metropolitan area that includes what Texas city?

8) Eight of the ten largest islands in the United States are located in what state?

9) The US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is stored in underground salt caverns at four sites located in what two states? (half point each)

10) The Bible Belt is bursting with Protestants. The Rust Belt is losing jobs in the steel industry. What’s the defining characteristic of the Jell-O Belt?

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