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Quiz: Pop Seattle

Round 3 at Post on October 20, 2008

The third round of trivia for the Yes on Seattle Prop. 1 fundraiser focused on local pop culture. Some of these appeared in other quizzes, though much is new.

Special tip of the hat to Jen Koogler at Scarecrow Video for tracking down the info for the tiebreaker question this round. Merci!

1) For Hump! 4, this year’s amateur porn contest, filmmakers could get extra credit by including what political candidate in their movie?
2) The Coryell Court Apartments at 1820 E Thomas became famous because of what 1992 release?
3) KUOW alumnus and former Seattleite John Moe currently hosts what weekly radio program produced by American Public Media?
4) In September, local band Heart asked the McCain campaign to stop playing what song at their events?
5) The notorious Led Zeppelin “shark episode” took place during their 1969 stay at what local hotel?
6) “Songs From a Parallel Universe,” an album of cello compositions, was recorded in 2003 aboard what ferry, which is now located in Tacoma?
7) Chris Wedes is much better known in Seattle by what name?
8) What article of clothing, worn by Richard Hatch on Survivor: All Stars, was originally made from a pair of green military field pants?
9) Mistress Matisse, Shannon Kringen, Elisabeth Eaves, and Victoria Langley have all worked at what famed local landmark, originally known as the Sultan Theater?
10) What local band was originally named Mookie Blaylock until legal concerns forced a name change?
11) How many laserdiscs does Scarecrow Video still have in its rental inventory?

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Quiz: Audio, Audio

Round 5 at the Old Pequliar on June 3, 2008.
Average score: 5.97/10 (16 teams)

I’ll play an excerpt from a radio show. You tell me what show it is.

1) Clip #1
2) Clip #2
3) Clip #3
4) Clip #4
5) Clip #5
6) Clip #6
7) Clip #7
8) Clip #8
9) Clip #9
10) Clip #10

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